If you want to generate some extra income from your website, starting a membership for your site is a good idea. Using a membership not only allows you to show your content to a select few users based on the package they have selected, but it also makes your content exclusive to people who are really interested in reading more about your views and opinions.

There are many plugins available on WordPress which can help you create a membership site but one of the best plugins available for WordPress sites is Ultimate Membership Pro Plugin.

This plugin allows you to restrict content based on the type of package chosen by the user. There are both free and paid packages available which allow the users to access a portion of the site for which they have paid. You can protect pages and posts along with images and videos and show them as per the level of membership the user has taken.

There are unlimited subscription levels available for both free and paid memberships. The lowest subscription level is free and lasts for a lifetime. It then goes higher to bronze, silver, and gold levels which are valid for periodic intervals after which you can renew the subscription.

Integrate Payment Page

Ultimate Membership Pro: A Complete Membership Solution for WordPress

Another great feature of this plugin is that it allows you to block content or redirect to a custom page for readers who do not have a membership for that content. It also allows the site owner to integrate easy payment page which allows the readers to pay for their subscriptions through integrated payment gateways like PayPal, stripe, and bank transfer.

This plugin gives the freedom to choose the payment cycle to pay for their memberships. They can go for a single payment or recurring payment cycle. The site owner can also create coupon codes for single and bulk subscriptions for your users. There are many forms, shortcodes, and templates to design and customize this plugin easily for your website.

Ultimate Membership Pro Main Features

Ultimate Membership Pro: A Complete Membership Solution for WordPress

To sum up the benefits of this plugin, here is the list of all the features this plugin offers:

» Allows WordPress users to create a membership account for their site for content protection and monetization of the blog.

» The plugin allows the users to access the content on your site through free or paid subscriptions with unlimited subscription levels and various time periods.

» The plugin is easy to integrate with your site as it offers many forms and templates to enhance the experience of both the reader and the site owner.

» Readers can pay in a single payment or recurring payments with just one click through many integrated payment gateways.’

» Site owners can lock content and create automatic drip content policy for all tiers of membership to save time and resources.

» The plugin allows the owner to display all subscription plans and registration forms on your website for easy access.

So these are some of the features that this plugin offers for creating a membership account for your blog or website easily. You can customize this plugin as per the layout of your website to enhance the visual appeal of your website while monetizing your blog or site in an easy way.

Details & Download Demo Price Range $25-30


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