As YouTube is amongst the most popular platforms for video content actively used by over 2 billion people monthly, many see an opportunity in marketing. Considering that you can adjust your video campaigns to the specific traits of your target audience such as interests, demographics, or other, YouTube stands out with its strong advertising platform. If you have no prior knowledge – this article is right for you. 

Youtube advertisement
youtube advertisement

Why Youtube Advertising

The vast majority of businesses are inclined to find out new ways to reach the target audience. Although there are numerous marketing channels available, YouTube is worth any marketer’s attention. In reference to the number of monthly users, one must know that the desired audience is active on YouTube. Characterized as highly engaged, most target audiences spend at least one hour daily on YouTube, which gives you an additional hour daily to meet their needs. 

Set a clear objective

Before building an ad, set a clear goal for your campaign. What are the things you want to accomplish with an ad, or whose attention are you trying to catch are the questions you might consider answering first. Some businesses prefer increasing brand awareness, while others tend to drive traffic or increase sales. The point is that there should be a clear objective behind your YouTube ad. 

Make a Strategy and Adjust the Format

Among various ad formats, one can always pick the one that bests suits the needs and the objective. The skippable in-stream ad seems to be one of the most popular that appear before, during, or after video content. Other popular formats include those non-skippable ads lasting 15-20 seconds, Discovery ads, or Display ads.

Define the Budget

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Before setting anything into motion, make a little research on what you are willing to spend. The options available include the main 3:

  • CPM – cost per impression, and it’s paid by 1000 views
  • CPV – cost per view, which is paid once somebody viewed video content for at least 30 seconds
  • CPA – cost per action, and refers to the cost once an action is undertaken by the user.

Define your budget, and you are ready to go.

Pick Target Audience

Once the ad is made, start thinking about who are the ones that will view it. By default, YouTube offers different targeting options so you can target the audience by location, demographics, or other traits such as age, gender, etc. A good marketing strategy will give you a clear picture of the desired audience you want to show your product or service to. Remember that there are always higher profit margins coming with a well-targeted audience. If you’re also considering expanding your reach through different platforms or regions, you might want to look into Influencer Marketing Saudi Arabia as an additional strategy.


So far, this article aimed to teach the readers the ways they can take an advantage of a large platform such as YouTube. Advertisement that goes through YouTube is not only affordable but can serve as a great way to reach new prospects, clients, and customers. This simple guide to YouTube advertisement will greatly serve newbies and beginners. 


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