Page loading delay means fewer page views, bad user experience, and poor search ranking. ShortPixel Image Optimizer uses advanced compression technology that reduces image size without any before/after the difference in quality.

This WordPress plugin can help you to optimize your images so that the excess file size added to your website is practically nonexistent and your webpages continue to load fast for your visitors.

Why Optimize Images?

It is essential to optimize images for the performance of your website. Here is a list of positive effects optimizing your images will have on your website by using a plugin such as ShortPixel Image Optimizer.

  • Faster Page Load Times
  • Better User Experience
  • Decreased Bandwidth Use
  • Better SERPs

ShortPixel Image Optimizer is an easy-to-use WordPress plugin. It installs directly into your WordPress Dashboard where you can easily manage the image reduction process. All images will be automatically processed. You can easily configure the ShortPixel plugin to compress past photos and even optimize your website history.

Speed up Your Website with Beautifully Optimized Images

ShortPixel Image Optimizer is an excellent solution for optimizing images either already on your WordPress website or those you will upload soon. There is also a free version for you to try how it works and if you use no more than 150 images per month, you do great with the free Short Pixel Image Optimizer plugin.

For those of you who upload more pictures. You can upgrade to the different plans such as Short – 7,500 photos per month to XXL – 82,500 photos at really affordable monthly or annual payments.

This is a WordPress plugin we can recommend. Either you chose the free version or any of the various premium plans available. ShortPixel Image Optimizer can help you lowering bounce rates, increasing conversions, boosting your Google rank status, driving traffic to your website, etc.

Have you used the ShortPixel Image Optimizer for optimizing your WordPress website images? I would love to hear all about it in the comments below!

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