WordPress plugins have revolutionized the world of website creation. They come with unlimited capabilities. One of the most intuitive and attention gripping techniques of interacting and socializing with website visitors is through the use of simple trivia and quizzes.

WordPress has the ultimate plugin to facilitate this. The WP Quiz Pro is a premium WordPress plugin that is used to add polished, responsive, and modern quizzes to any blog or website.

Benefits of Using Quizzes on Your Website

Whenever people surf the internet, they appreciate content that will light up their moods. Quizzes form the most effective methods of generating traffic to a website. 8 out of 10 of the most shared content on the internet contain quizzes.

When someone takes a quiz on your site, and finds it interesting or loves the result, they are more likely to share it and discuss the results via their social media channels.

If more people learn about your quiz and also take part and then share it. It creates an infinite process that is a sure way of keeping traffic constantly flowing through your website. In a matter of time, your site will be flooded with new visitors.

WP Quiz Pro: A WordPress Plugin to Add Responsive & Modern Quizzes to Your Blog

Content pages with quizzes are very easy to create. They can go viral extremely fast, especially if your quizzes are integrated with social media channels. Quizzes have proved to keep site visitors glued and occupied on your page for a longer time than any other type of content.

Apart from attracting and keeping visitors on your site, interactive quizzes also validate your business and serve to impress your visitors. That is undoubtedly true whenever you use the WP Quiz Pro plugin for your quiz designs.

Quizzes are credibly engaging, and they are very easy to go through. They quickly capture any reader’s attention, and they can be shared easily through any social media channel. They provide a viable tool for generating multiple leads and increasing your fan base.

You can customize your quiz to prompt users for their emails at specific points through the quiz, e.g., before the results. This will help you to increase your email list and generate very many leads.

A quiz plays a vital role in driving traffic throughout your website.

Features and Advantages of WP Quiz Pro

The WP Quiz Pro is the number one WordPress plugin for building very powerful and beautiful quizzes. This plugin can work with any WordPress theme to help you create five special types of quizzes. These include; a Facebook quiz which connects with Facebook user accounts, analyzes their profiles then generates relevant results.

A personality quiz allows users to take questions and answer them using image previews. Flip card quizzes where users have to flip cards to view various images or results. A trivia quiz which offers a set of questions with right and wrong answers and finally a swipe quiz which enables users to swipe to one side what they like or affirm to and swipe to the opposite side what they do not like.

WP Quiz Pro: A WordPress Plugin to Add Responsive & Modern Quizzes to Your Blog

One significant advantage of all these quizzes is that they offer a highly interactive platform which also encourages sharing. Instead of just entertaining one visitor and moving on, you can get your content out to masses and expose it where multiple viewers can access it.

The WP Quiz Pro from MyThemeShop is straightforward to use; it is practical and effortless to set up. You can take full advantage of its highly intuitive interface which has tons of useful settings and customization options. It has a single click data importer which instantly imports your quiz settings, a single post, multiple selected posts, and even all the content on your site’s pages.

The WP Quiz Pro Is Packed with Other Incredible Features Which Include;

WP Quiz Pro: A WordPress Plugin to Add Responsive & Modern Quizzes to Your Blog

  • Mobile optimized quizzes which enable users to access your content via their mobile devices and still enjoy perfect engagement with a user-friendly interface.
  • It is fully integrated with social sharing features at the click of a button.
  • It is fully customizable. You can adjust it to fit the look and feel of any website page design or layout.
  • It is multilingual. The plugin supports all languages which ensure that your quizzes can be enjoyed by all people all over the globe.
  • It integrates media. You can add multimedia files right into your quizzes for a more memorable and engaging experience.
  • You can use an iframe to embed your quiz anywhere on your site. It’s fully responsive designs ensure it works properly on any device.
  • It has options to show the quiz’s embedded code. This allows your visitors to post your content anywhere on the internet.
  • WP Quiz Pro can help you monetize your quizzes by showing ads on them. You can also integrate it with Google analytics. It allows you to monitor the behavior of your fans and readers across your site and on their social media channels.

WP Quiz Pro will help you to get unlimited and free social traffic, drive your business, generate multiple leads, and add links and offers to your page content.

Wrapping Up

WP Quiz Pro makes creating a quiz for a page very effortless and easy. Some top brands, like The New York Times, CBS, Hub spot, and Forbes already use this plugin to drive millions of visitors to their websites. If you are a person who has a keen interest in creating viral posts, the WP Quiz Pro is the ultimate tool for you.

People love to test their general knowledge and receive results instantly. Creating an interesting quiz targeted towards a highly enthusiastic and interactive audience is the best way to create viral posts in succession. Download this WordPress plugin today and experience excellence.

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