Email marketing is the real-world practical scenario for reaching out to your audiences and making sure that they at least read your messages. Promoting a business brand over emails and newsletters is a fantastic idea. But do you know that majority of the beginners end up repeating some common mistakes while opting for email marketing? Therefore, you need to know learn the mistakes commonly made so that you won’t end up repeating them yourself.

WordPress, on the other hand, though capable of sending out mail notifications; can’t send email newsletters to subscribers. The most important step to begin with the idea of email marketing is to start developing a mailing list. However, there are other things to take care of as well. So, let us discuss the common email marketing errors that WordPress users make.

Using the Tools for Blog Subscription as Email List

When it comes to email marketing, one of the most common mistakes is confusing the blog subscription tools with email lists. There are various WordPress plugins and services that allow you to send blog posts notifications via email to your subscribers, such as JetPack and MailChimp. But you need to understand that they won’t help you to get more email subscribers, send newsletters or manage the contact list. With them, users also miss out the advanced analytics features that an email list can offer.

Relying on a Single Form for Sign Up

Many small business owners or bloggers end up offering only one single form for signing up with them. Well, it’s another common mistake in email marketing. Unless you are someone super popular, customers will surely not notice that single sign up form of your site. Therefore, it’s important your site also includes popups or multiple forms in most viewed locations to improve the visibility of your forms for email signup.

It is vital for a small business to also come up with an eye-catching sign-up form or a way that can persuade new visitors to quickly subscribe to the mailing list. This is an essential part of the ‘Call to action’ strategy and must not be avoided.

Depending on WordPress for Sending Email Newsletters

Common Mistakes WordPress Users Make with Email Marketing

WordPress does offer various plugins that can help you in sending email newsletters. But building the email list based only on these plugins can be a terrible mistake. You can’t send emails to all the contacts at once through these plugins. Therefore, you need to sign up with proper email marketing services such as Aweber or Constant Contact to ensure that you don’t miss a single email address. Ensure that you don’t make this mistake and hence do not skip using a proper email marketing service.

Purchasing Email Lists

Common Mistakes WordPress Users Make with Email Marketing

Purchasing email lists is a terrible thing to do and can lead to totally destroying your whole attempt of email marketing. You develop a business website or start a WordPress blog with lot of efforts and a purchased email list does manifold harm to it. Some of the email addresses from the list might not be even real and for others, imagine how spammed they would feel receiving your newsletters without knowing anything about your brand. Buying a list of emails can get your brand penalized or banned even by the providers of email service.

Using Optins Unnecessarily

Do you know over-using Optins can lead to damaging the overall user experience with your site? If not, then do know now. Using too many popups and slide-ins on your site can cause annoyance among the users.  And all of your email marketing techniques may turn out to be futile if the user experience turns out to be terrible. Also, it will disrupt your attempts at fixing your site’s SEO and hinder the overall email subscription campaign.

Not Beginning to Build the Email List

People often don’t understand the importance of building an email list for their websites and forget to create one. However, from reaching out to the users to bringing them back and ultimately boosting the sales of your website, all can be achieved through a well-built email list. An email list requires constant upgradations so that you can always ping back your regular subscribers for new updates and offers. Therefore, stop ignoring this effective email marketing tool that does not require any investment, but only your attention and time.

Not using a Lead Generation Tool

How can you expect a good number of subscribers, when you are not aware of the ‘know-how’ of getting them? The old guess game doesn’t work now because people are busier with their lives and get irritated with constant mail, hence considering it as spam. Tools like OptinForms will serve this purpose for you by growing your email list quickly by generating leads.

Forwarding Emails Excessively

Have you ever considered that forwarding too many emails can affect your email marketing? It’s quite a common mistake that majority of the business owners end up doing. It is fine to send your newsletters to the customers, but forwarding too many of them can cause vexation and irritation. Inform your users the numbers of emails they are about to receive per week or month, at the very time when they sign up to avoid further inconveniences. This will instill a sense of belonging in them and the next time, you shoot up an email to their inboxes, they will read and go through the content vividly.

Not Testing the Performance of the Site

Common Mistakes WordPress Users Make with Email Marketing

Creating your website and sending emails, but not researching about its performance, can cause serious damage to your email marketing. If you do want to attract the online traffic to your services or products then, you do require testing its performance as well. Find out how each of the plugins or optins is working and what the things you need to do to enhance your lead generation process.

The above-mentioned email marketing mistakes are quite common. But, they can cause serious harm to the online reputation of your brand, if not taken care of properly. Try to be careful when you opt for email marketing so that you can keep your online presence unaltered and intact with the help of an awesome marketing strategy.


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