Login Ninja: Protect WordPress Login and Register Forms

Login Ninja: Protect WordPress Login and Register Forms

The security of your website is a vital and necessary task that always should be on top of your watchlist. It’s so easy to forget about the protection of a WordPress website when there are so many other pieces to focus on such content writing, design, and other functionalities. But there are lots of great security plugin to choose from to boost up the security level to stop hackers, other evil-minded people, and scripts to take over your website.

Some of the most common and most used plugins are Sucuri, Word Fence Security, and Security Ninja. Today I want to present another relevant and great security plugin aptly named – Login Ninja. This is a plugin from WebFactory who also created the Security Ninja plugin meaning this company are specialists when it comes to WordPress security.

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Login Ninja

Hopefully, you lock the door of your house to stop the intruder to break into your house or apartment? In order to protect the front door of your WordPress site, you need a good and safe lock that keeps vicious people away. One of the best plugins for the job is Login Ninja. After you install Login Ninja it will start watching over your WordPress site, guard your login page as well as your register forms and block any intruders and will implement the rules you set.

Key Features

  • Protect login and register forms with captcha
  • Ban IPs that brute-force attack you
  • A detailed log of all login-related activities
  • Redirect users based on usernames and roles
  • Email notifications
  • Protect your site from brute-force login attacks
  • Stop bots from registering
  • Manually ban any IP


Login Ninja will allow you to set the number of maximum login attempts. You can ban hacker from accessing your login page, decide for how long the banned person will stay banned. Ability to ban IPs. Login Ninja will write down everything that happens login-wise in a log where you can easily check every login attempt.

As I mentioned earlier in the article security is a high priority. What methods or plugin you use today? Or you have no security plan at all? Then it’s time to start working to secure up your WordPress website and a good start is to start by making sure that your door / login page is locked properly.

Login Ninja does the job brilliantly, securing both your login page and all registry forms. Login Ninja is an affordable premium WordPress plugin you will not regret your purchased. Trust me. Security is always priority number one.

Details & Download Demo Price Range $15-25

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