Do you have a WordPress website? Is it secure enough?

Well, it’s an open secret today that no website is 100 percent secure. It’s easy for smart cybercriminals to find security vulnerabilities and then hijack and misuse your WordPress website.

Still, it should be our endeavor to keep checking our website for security vulnerabilities and misconfigurations. Minimize them as much as possible and thereby make the website as secure as is practically possible.

So, which online scanner is best suited to do this job? Which scanner can help you find the security vulnerabilities and misconfigurations that could lead to your WordPress website being hacked and hijacked?

Best WordPress Scanners to Help Find Security Vulnerabilities

Based on a study that I have conducted, I would list out the eight best WordPress website scanners that could be of much help to you. Here’s the list:

HackerCombat WordPress Website Malware Scanner

HackerCombat is a Online WordPress Security Scanner.

HackerCombat Online WordPress Security Scanner helps test vulnerabilities and checks application security, WordPress plugins, hosting environment, and a web server. The highlights are:

  • Checks WordPress plugins, which are the source of many security vulnerabilities.
  • Checks WordPress themes, which too could cause security vulnerabilities.
  • Tests all the user IDs on a WordPress website.
  • Google Safe browse checks for all linked sites as links with a poor reputation could pose grave threats to website users.

Hacker Target WordPress Security Scan

Hacker Target WordPress Check for vulnerable plugins, outdated WordPress versions etc.

The Hacker Target WordPress Check keeps you safe by checking for vulnerable plugins, outdated WordPress versions, etc. The highlights are:

  • Google safe browse checks.
  • Hosting provider reputation checks.
  • Checking linked JavaScripts.
  • Checks for theme-based vulnerabilities.
  • Directory indexing checks.


WPScans scanner checks for all kinds of security vulnerabilities.

WPScans scanner works with an extensive database and checks for all kinds of security vulnerabilities.

The highlights are:

  • The database includes more than 6100 known vulnerabilities.
  • Checks for WordPress version vulnerabilities and reports if found.
  • Checks for plugin-based and theme-related vulnerabilities.


Sucuri come with a complete WordPress website security solution.

Sucuri offers complete WordPress website security solutions. The highlights are:

  • Provides end-to-end security solutions- monitoring, clean-up, protection, etc.
  • Provides antivirus+ firewall security.
  • Checks for malware and blacklisting status.
  • Checks for outdated technologies used and errors.
  • Scans WordPress admin dashboard.

Security Ninja

Security Ninja is a WordPress security plugin.

Security Ninja works as a plugin that does tests from within the admin of your WordPress website.

The highlights are:

  • One clicks, and it checks for more than 50 metrics.
  • Gives a detailed report that comprises the test name, status, the results, and the fixes.
  • It takes very little time for the website scan.
  • Checks WordPress version, database connectivity exposure, etc.


Acunetix is a website security scanner.

Acunetix is a complete website scanner, ideal for checking WordPress websites as well. The highlights are:

  • Check for XSS, SQLi, SSL, DOS, Header, SSRF, XXE vulnerabilities.
  • Checks more than 1200 WordPress plugins for vulnerabilities.
  • Checks admin passwords, core files, wp-config.php, etc.
  • Does user enumeration?
  • Gives a detailed report after the scan, with fix recommendations.


Quttera checks for security vulnerabilities and for all kinds.

Quttera – again a plugin and does a complete check for known, unknown vulnerabilities and for all kinds of suspicious activities. The highlights are:

  • Scans that can be initiated from the admin dashboard of your WordPress website.
  • Checks to know if your website URL is blacklisted.
  • Does external link detection.
  • Detail investigation of WordPress core files.
  • Gives a detailed report after checks.

Exploit Scanner

Exploit Scanner WordPress plugin checks for vulnerabilities.

Exploit Scanner is a plugin that can be installed within your WordPress website and which looks for vulnerabilities. The highlights are:

  • Looks for database and also files-based vulnerabilities.
  • Checks comment for anything suspicious.
  • Runs a rapid scan.
  • It doesn’t remove or change anything.

Free WordPress Website Security Scanner by IsItWP

WordPress Website Security Scanner by IsItWP helps a website to quickly look for any potential vulnerability threats.

WordPress Website Security Scanner by IsItWP helps a website to look for any potential vulnerability threats quickly. The intelligent scanning algorithm highlights the following:

  • Hosting provider check.
  • Google safe browsing check.
  • Safe Web check.
  • SpamHaus DBL check.
  • ESET check.
  • Directory indexing checks.

Wrapping Up

Furthermore, there are some other very useful online WordPress website security scanners, including WP Loop, WP Neuron, Detectify, Pentest Tools, etc.

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