The Real Estate Industry is a lucrative business with a constant increase in demand. Hence, there is a big competition for realtors.

You will find tons of property listing websites for people to sell or rent their houses. And realtors who have their sites work hard to convince buyers to buy or rent houses through them.

As a result, realtors are looking for something different to promote properties on their site besides SEO and social media advertising. With the advancement of technology, now there are several tools available that can allow you to stand out.

One of the latest innovations that you can benefit from is ‘virtual tour.’‘.

What is ‘Virtual Tour’?

The latest technology that people are implementing nowadays is Virtual Reality (VR). You can be sure that VR is the next step toward advancement.

Virtual Tour is a type of VR where a person can remotely experience a location.

Virtual Tour is a type of VR where a person can remotely experience a location. Through a virtual tour, you can virtually visit a place, and experience the surrounding even without physically being there.

Use an Amazing Virtual Tour Creator for Your WordPress Site

WordPress is the best CMS, with plugins for almost any purpose. There is no limit in customizing your site.

You can also find an amazing plugin in WordPress that will make it easy for you to create virtual tours. That could be either an advanced WordPress real estate plugin or a virtual tour creator plugin.

WP VR – 360 Panorama and Virtual Tour Creator for WordPress

An exclusive WordPress virtual tour creator plugin, WPVR, will make it easy for you. You need to provide the plugin with stable 360-degree panoramic image, and the plugin will turn that image into a real-like virtual world.

WPVR is a virtual tour creator WordPress plugin.

If you provide images of all the rooms of the house, then you can link them in a way so that a person can go back and forth from one room to another.

If you take a virtual tour, you will be able to look around, zoom in and out, and navigate according to his/her own free will.

You will be able to add information or embed pictures to be viewed on click at specific spots. You can even embed videos to be displayed on clicking on specific spots.

Moreover, the plugin generates Shortcodes for every tour you create. Hence, you can easily embed the virtual tours on your web page without the need for extra coding.

The plugin has an easy user interface with detailed tutorial videos and documents for you so that you can easily create great virtual tours. You do not need to be an expert in programming or need to hire anyone; the plugin is designed for users to be able to use it without any hassle or difficulty.

In case the tutorials do not solve your confusion, you can contact the support team, who are quick in response and reliable.

Why Use Virtual Tours?

There are so many things that are important when creating an excellent real estate website, such as choosing the right theme, using the right plugins for maximum SEO benefits and all. Along with that, you should also worry about the content and the features on the site. Virtual Tours can make a significant impact in this case.

Virtual Tours will display details of properties to viewers in a more realistic manner.

Virtual Tours will allow you to display the details of properties to viewers in a more realistic manner. People will be able to visualize and imagine the place the way it is. Which means, the people calling you will probably be interested even before visiting.

Moreover, a person will find your site more reliable and credible if they get to experience good quality virtual tours. With WPVR, you will be able to give them a realistic experience while sitting at home. This might increase their confidence in you.

Eventually, the cost is what concerns everyone. Since WPVR is here, you don’t have to spend tons of money. You will be able to create a virtual tour on your own, without the need to hire an expert.

The plugin has a free version with which you can test it out, and if you are satisfied with the output, you can decide on purchasing the premium plugin at a little cost.

As you can see, you have so many benefits in using virtual tours in real estate business. It is only wise to use the best possible tools and make your website stand out and more attractive.

It’s high time you start using virtual tours and improve your market presence by attracting more buyers while generating genuinely interested customers.

Get – WP VR – 360 Panorama and Virtual Tour Creator for WordPress.


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