Tables are always a great way to demonstrate data on your web pages in an organized way. Ideally, aligned rows and columns make data presentation much more understandable. Moreover, Tables can serve a variety of purposes when they are used in posts or pages.

Now, one question may arise, can I use such tables on my WordPress site?

Tables aren’t built into WordPress by default, but using a table plugin can be the best bet. But luckily, there are tons of awesome free, premium, and freemium options available in the WordPress plugin marketplace.

In this post, I will be writing on why you should use a table plugin on your WordPress site. But before proceeding to the next, let me tell some fundamental aspects of the table plugin in WordPress.

What Is a Table Plugin?

A Table Plugin is a piece of software containing a group of functions that can be used to create and manage tables on your site. No HTML knowledge is required, as a comfortable interface allows for editing table data easily.

A Table Plugin is a piece of software containing a group of functions

To build up standard tables for your website, a table plugin has a bunch of pontoon features and functionalities that make it easy to build more advanced tables for any tabular purpose. Mostly, table plugins contain numerous types of data, and even different formulas can be evaluated using a table.

  Why Should I Use a Table Plugin?

First of all, there are lots of solid reasons using a table plugin of your site as they extend features and functionalities on your website. As I mentioned earlier, WordPress doesn’t provide any built-in option for creating tables on your site; that’s why you need to find a smart choice to create tables on your website. Two options are there for creating a table in WordPress.

You can create tables using HTML that pretty lengthy and time consuming for a general user. Another option is using a quality WordPress Table Plugin on your site that is the handiest way to create any table on your website.

There are a bunch of Table Plugins for WordPress that facilitate you to create and manage tables on your site. As an example, I can name the most promising one Ninja Tables and plugins like WP Data Tables, TablePress, Easy Tables, etc.

Now, I am outlining how you should use those quality plugins on your site. Let’s take a look at the detailed observation.

1. Most Handy Solution

Using a plugin on your WordPress site for creating a table could be the handiest solution for solving the table creation issue. As WordPress doesn’t provide any default option to create tables on your site, that’s why plugins come into existence to resolve the issue.

Using a quality plugin such as Ninja Tables you can easily create and manage numerous types of tables.

Using a quality plugin, you can easily create and manage numerous types of tables on your site. You don’t need to know to code instead of operating the plugin accordingly. Moreover, each standard plugin provides proper user guidelines for its users.

2. Ease of Use

Choosing hard coding for creating tables on your site could be a tough choice. Moreover, it’s a pretty time to consume and bring some for the users. Even, it’s impossible for a novice user who doesn’t know the HTML to create a table using hard coding.

Using a easy-to-use quality plugin can make you go extra mileage.

On the other hand, using a quality plugin can make you go extra mileage. Drag & drop facility makes things easier, creating tables. You don’t need to know any HTML, CSS, install the plugin, and start creating awesome tables on your site.

3. Creating Responsive Tables

The responsive issue is the most pressing demand for modern users. These days most of the users are mobile users, and it’s increasing enormously. So time demands that your created tables will show correctly in the mobile devices as well.

A WordPress table plugin can solve this responsive issue for its users. There are quite several responsive table plugins in the market. All the plugins are not responsive in type. Some are not responsive by default, but you can include an add-on for having responsiveness.

Creating Responsive Tables

Some plugins are responsive by default means you don’t need to install an add-on to get the responsive feature like Ninja Tables plugin.

4. Import-Export Facility

You can importing data from other plugins.

It is one of the most demanded features that are necessary for a quality plugin. Importing data from other plugins make the table creation more easy and comfortable. Without using a plugin, it’s pretty impossible to import data from external sources.

Exportation is another crucial feature that you can get using a quality plugin. You can export your table data to any other external sources in CSV or JSON format. This kind of export and import facility can be adopted using a standard WordPress table plugin.

5. Exclusive Integration

A table can be integrated with other platforms; it was unknown to most of the people. Still, the plugin can do a plethora of things in this regard. Very few quality plugins can provide such an opportunity to its users. For instance, using the Ninja Tables Plugin, you can integrate your plugin with several platforms.

A table can be integrated with other platforms.

Ninja Tables Plugin allows you can integrate your table with the Google Sheets, with another form plugin like WP Fluent Form and other form builders. It is a smart way of table data demonstration using a plugin. Tables also can integrate with the WooCommerce platform using the plugin.

6. Dynamic Table Creation

A table plugin allows you to create smart, dynamic tables that stores table data to its database. A table can store not only the data but also retrieve data from the data based. Without using a standard plugin, it’s almost impossible to make this possible smoothly.

Dynamic tables stores table data to its database.

You can define users who can use the tables, and you also set the user role using the permission option of a table plugin. You can filter table data using the custom filter option. This type of dynamic tables can only possible using a plugin.

7. Unlimited Tables

Creating tables using raw coding is somewhat tiring and boring for anyone. But using a quality plugin, you can create limitless tables on your site within the least amount of time. You will not get bored using a quality plugin when it comes to creating tables.

You can create unlimited tables on your site.

Doing the same thing manually, you will face lots of difficulties. But a stable standard plugin can play a vital role in this respect and make things easier for the users.

8. Elegant Design

Designing a table may create a bit of complexity if you follow the manual process. It would be annoying some issues for you use raw CSS. But if you use a feature-rich plugin, you can get various customizing options for table designing.

You can design every portion of the table on your site.

You can design every portion of the table on your site. Without using the plugin, it’s almost impossible to design in such a way.

Final Thoughts

Creating tables on the web is always a tedious task, but using the right tool can make things comfortable. So be sure that you have used a quality plugin to make perfect tables on your site that leverage your purposes.

There are several quality table plugins in the marketplace, including Ninja Tables, TablePress, WP Data Tables. I highly appreciate you to choose Ninja Tables plugin for your usage. This plugin is a highly feature-rich plugin and worth enough for any table creation.

Hopefully, this article helped you providing much value about using WordPress table plugin. If you are already using any plugin, let me know your experience leaving a comment below.


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