Rosa 2 is the latest product from Pixelgrade’s portfolio. For those of you who are not familiar with their story, the message is quite straightforward: a design studio with eight years of experience in building simple WordPress themes for an easy start.

In this fall, they launched Rosa 2, a highly improved version of the best-selling restaurant WordPress theme. More than 13,000 people around the world use this product to promote their businesses, projects, passions, you name it. The great thing about it is not only the generous legacy it carries with it, but mostly how it pushes the boundaries regarding building websites within WordPress.

Rosa 2 Restaurant WordPress Theme

Rosa 2 restaurant WordPress theme.

Pixelgrade is well known in the ecosystem for its approach to design thinking. All their 21 WordPress themes look and behave outstandingly and serve various niches: from travel bloggers to fashion ones, from small restaurants to family businesses, from photographers to visual artists.

Therefore, there’s no wonder why they are those who created the first restaurant WordPress theme on top of Gutenberg (and beyond). They not only took the best out of WordPress’ latest editor but went the extra mile and improved the experience that people can have when dealing with this product due to Nova Blocks, a dedicated plugin built entirely in-house.

The creators of Rosa 2 have a clear image of where their responsibilities end and when those of the customers’ pop-up. Pixelgrade genuinely believes that the role of a WordPress theme, but not only, is not to create useless anxieties and headaches for the customers.

They place themselves at the opposite side of the spectrum. They do offer some freedom to the end-user, but also a specific set of constraints. The belief is that it is their mission to help people build WordPress websites within some rules, not to provide a large playground just for the sake of ruining the experience.

In the end, how many users have in-depth know-how of design, choosing the right colors, or fonts? Not many. They need real help and guidance, not a neverending list of so-called features and options which are highlighting just for a marketing purpose.

Rosa 2 keeps this promise beautifully. It comes packed with a list of constraints that help people make fewer mistakes. It walks them through to build WordPress websites in safe terms and conditions. This means that they handle it by themselves without hiring a developer nor an agency without damaging the result.

Read further to find out how this is even possible.

Blocks Within Rosa 2

This premium WordPress theme is entirely built with Nova Blocks, a free blocks plugin available on, fully made by Pixelgrade’s crew. Nova comes from the astronomy world, and once you start discovering several layers of the product. You will notice all sorts of creative names from this area. It’s the little gestures that make this product stand out.

Hero Block

The impressive parallax feature that made Rosa 1 shine (the best-selling restaurant theme) with more than 13,000+ customers aboard is back in the form of a Gutenberg block. In other words, you can take advantage of a fullscreen background image or video, along with a headline or a specific call to action, to immerse the visitors and facilitate certain behaviors.

In the end, it’s the first look people have on the website, so you don’t want to disappoint them, right?

Hero Block parallax feature.

The Media Card Block

You are putting into the spotlight what is truly important for you as a business has never been more accessible and visually appealing. You can use this block to display single images, multiple galleries, videos. But also snippets of content to make your visitors take the action you want.

Of course, you can be creative and use them as anchors to direct their attention towards other relevant sections from your website. However, make sure you don’t confuse people and help them follow a crystal clear red thread in their digital adventure.

How to Build WordPress Websites Differently - Media Card Block

A Slideshow Block for Galleries

Eye-candy images can drive people’s interest and make them spend more time on your website. Due to the slideshow block within Rosa 2, you can outstandingly showcase image galleries and create an atmosphere that people love and remember in the long run.

You can now put together a set of images to indicate a certain mood of your website. Promote the best products you have or anything else that makes sense.

How to Build WordPress Websites Differently - A Slideshow Block for Galleries

A Food Menu Block

You might think that this is something tailored to the restaurant industry only. But the truth is that the potential is far more significant than that. With this block, you can not only list the best dishes from a famous chef. But you can also turn it into something else.

For instance, you can use it as a calendar to mark your exhibitions or even in a list of creative services you provide as an entrepreneur. You can learn more about how you can twist it to match your interests from this article on Pixelgrade’s blog.

How to Build WordPress Websites Differently - A Food Menu Block

Visual Consistency With Style Manager

None of these blocks would be so cool if there weren’t a powerful customization tool developed by the same crew. Style Manager is one of the smartest and simple gateways to achieve visual consistency across your website. You can either choose from predefined color and font palettes or create your own from scratch to match your branding requirements entirely.

This way, you don’t longer need to worry about how to choose the right colors, fonts. But, moreover, how to make sure that you offer a consistent experience no matter the source of traffic. Maybe people land on your blog from a link distributed on social media. Perhaps you direct them towards a promotion through your newsletter, and so on.

How to Build WordPress Websites Differently - Visual Consistency With Style Manager

More Revenue Streams for Your Business

Moreover, the smooth integration with WooCommerce, the popular plugin within WordPress, is also a massive perk inside Rosa 2. Everything looks seamlessly from top to toe, which is not only aesthetic but also coherent for your online store and the overall digital presence.

This product assists you at every single step because each shop section aligns quite nicely with your brand style and makes the entire buying process consistently. You don’t need to worry about the experience, and how things will work out. You need to make sure that what you sell tells a compelling story and grabs people’s attention and money.

More Revenue Streams for Your Business with Woocommerce

Just to quickly sum up why this Pixelgrade’s product pushed the boundaries within the WordPress ecosystem, remember that:

  • It is the sequel of the best-selling restaurant WordPress theme.
  • The first restaurant WordPress theme built on top of Gutenberg and beyond.
  • Built with Nova Blocks, a plugin that enhances the experience.
  • It comes with Style Manager, a customization tool to help you get an outstanding result.
  • Offer you the chance to build an online store that looks and acts flawlessly.
  • Easy to manage it and create a website on your own.
  • Fits a wide range of industries.

Rosa 2 is far more than all of that. It is an opportunity that people can explore and transform it into their toolbox for whatever type of website they need to develop. They have the right amount of freedom, the necessary constraints, the options, and the features to make something they are proud of.

In the end, it’s that much that you care about yourself, your business, and the customers you serve, right?


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