Affiliate marketing is the latest formation of online marketing and passive income. To establish an extra-money generating option and to leave the morning to an evening job, affiliate marketing is a heaven of a perfect choice. However, to jumpstart in this mysterious industry (for tyros!), you need to know the basics of this system and how it works mainly.

However, we’re going to talk about the affiliate marketing software solution today. We don’t have a chance to create digression by talking about another topic rather than our headline. To initiate and maintain a successful affiliate campaign, you need powerful tools by your side. Tools that create value for your investment and hold unique features.

Therefore, we’re going to enlist ten of the best affiliate software solutions. Read out the post and see which one can be the best match for you. Well, you’re not bound to exercise only one platform. If you think it would be more beneficial to combine more than one tool, you’re welcome! We amassed only the robust tools which are also easy to use.

Top 10 Affiliate Marketing Software Solutions

Here’s the list of the best affiliate marketing software and tools. With these advanced, sophisticated, and cost-effective programs, you can make some real growth for your products. Let’s jump into the details.


ShareASale is a marketing solution built for better performance and accelerated profit.

ShareASale is a wonderful marketing solution that was built for better performance and accelerated profit. It’s amazingly fast, incredibly efficient, and ready to take challenges for your next big release. For both merchants and promoters, it offers proper solutions along with a boost in the overall income.

Whether you’re launching your products on the local market or global platform – ShareASale will support you everywhere. Customers have the freedom to choose the platform that they feel will work best. Moreover, a ready-to-help support team is there to assist with your disposal.

Furthermore, users are also allowed to track their product’s performance in a given time. ShareASale implements top-notch technology to make its system accurate and genuinely advanced. You can also keep yourself updated with real-time tracking. For separate offers, you can run the campaigns under one account.

Moreover, ShareASale is equipped with advanced technologies that allow users to track clicks in real-time and organize their data. This way, they can connect every fact of their affiliate marketing strategy. It will enable for boosted productivity and enhanced efficiency in terms of handling affiliate tools like links and tapped earning opportunities.


ClickBank is an affiliate network.

ClickBank is another affiliate network with a humongous customer base. It has all the power and capabilities to foster businesses from different categories. No matter the business size – small, medium, and large – ClickBank covers it all. Their system helps the companies grow with the products and get more responses.

Using ClickBank’s insanely vast network, many companies established their business and built a vast fortune. They also keep the user experience easier so that anyone can get accustomed to the system. The price of the ClickBank is affordable for merchants. A one-time $49.45 fee is what you have to pay.

This affiliate marketing software is available for desktop, although you can work while traveling with its mobile version. Anyone can learn about their system and other related methods from the Knowledge Base. Moreover, the support will promptly help you out when you need help.

Similarly, there’s a streamlined search available that helps you find the products and marketers. ClickBank is a vast place to find out the right thing. This search option allows you to make a custom search with the location, age, and such other things that are helpful for your business.


HasOffers is a digital marketing platform with business initiatives across the globe.

HasOffers is a digital marketing platform ready to uplift business initiatives across the globe. A data-driven and seamless analytical service will support you in gaining maximum profit with your enterprise. It integrates both the mobile and desktop data so that your campaigns run swiftly without causing platform dependency.

A super-friendly user interface will accompany the businessmen to maintain their affiliate marketing with no hassle. Apart from that, their state-of-the-art customer support made them exceptional and a big name in the industry you can trust. Talk to them whenever you need help via phone calls, instant chat, or email.

That’s not it. Alongside the monthly subscription plan starting from $279, you can also ask for a custom pricing if you need more. Is HasOffers the right fit for your brand? Well, why don’t you give it a try? Yes, it offers a free trial for customer’s convenience.

Integrating an affiliate marketing platform with your internal system is a big challenge when you’re going to connect with one of these handy solutions. Stay calm and keep breathing while you’re using HasOffers because it has a top-of-the-line customizable interface.

CJ Affiliate

CJ Affiliate is an industry-popular and high-performing affiliate channel.

Here comes an industry-popular and high-performing affiliate channel, which is considered as one of the top marketing platforms and loved by thousands. A cloud-based solution to utilize in your business as you want to expand it and tweak it to a new height. With CJ Affiliate, you’re getting yourself involved with the cross-platform system.

As we mentioned, CJ Affiliates is a global business solution, so it works for different languages and multiple currencies. A viable solution that is acceptable across the countries. Meaning, you can get reports based on various geo-locations, currencies, and people.

What every user needs is to generate leads to their products so that they can get a higher conversion rate. Advertisers who want to go beyond the horizon should choose the lead-generation feature of CJ. It’s a faster and beneficial option to sport more pace into your growth

CJ offers the best pay-per-call solution in terms of speedier distribution and quicker lead generation. This platform will affordably connect advertisers and publishers, while the purpose is served completely. Automated deep-link, instant transaction monitoring, and more advanced features will assist you throughout the entire way.


AzonPress is an easy to use Amazon affiliate management tool.

Till now, we have only talked about affiliate marketing platforms. Using these networks, merchants can promote their products to boost their sales. On the other hand, affiliate marketers can also use these platforms to increase their earnings by getting involved with the networks.

However, unlike other affiliate networks, AzonPress is a simple, highly functional, and easy to use Amazon affiliate management tool. It is also way different from other solutions listed here because tit’s based on only Amazon. People who choose Amazon for affiliation will get a more significant benefit from this tool.

Why is this plugin a recommended one? First of all, it is built for Amazon only. Marketers face a hard time to manage their links — adding them manually. AzonPress comes into play while bloggers need a brilliant option that helps save their time what they can invest in actual business growth.

By using this cutting-edge, sophisticated, and stellar WordPress plugin, you can create affiliate links against your chosen products. Also, you can make bestseller lists and comparison tables in a few clicks. No matter the location of your traffic, this plugin will help you to send them their local store by not depriving you of getting your commission.


AffTrack help you with customer relationship management, targeting multiple devices.

A platform based on the number of clicks you received through your affiliate links. It mainly tracks the performance of the links you set for the user’s attention. But, it’s not limited to this functionality only. It will help you also with customer relationship management, targeting multiple devices, focusing on different locations, proxy detection, and many more.

Their pricing system comes up with five different plans, and you can choose the one that fits best for your project. The price is based on the number of clicks it tracks and ranges between $99 to $799. The smallest package covers 100k clicks, while the biggest one is for unlimited clicks.

If you have an existing system and worry about migrating to a new system, then stop being distressed. AffTrack has a customizable layout that is comfortable for all users, and it has a bunch of functionalities. That’s why you wouldn’t face any trouble with the integration of the system you want to add.

Keeping the busy marketers in mind, this app has a wonderful mobile-adaptive interface so they can use it on-the-go with no barrier. It will let the entrepreneurs check their campaigns at any moment. Although they have designed the whole system for novices and experts, you may face trouble at some point. The round-the-clock customer support is there to help you out when you need it — right at the moment.


PeerFly is an ideal solution to promote your products.

Advertisers and affiliates both have equal opportunities with PeerFly. This renowned and popular platform is an ideal solution to promote your products and to improve the revenue of your company. Affiliates also find this platform as their favorite partners because it aims to enlarge their income. The CPA system of PeerFly makes it entirely different from its contenders.

The participants only then get paid when a lead or sale happens. As PeerFly received many accolades, their approach can be considered as a proven strategy. Across the whole world, this network actively runs through one hundred and fifty plus countries with having 75k active marketers.

PeerFly is dedicated to serving its customers who need help with any issue. To meet their consumers’ requirements, they have built a team comprised of high professionals. In the correct aspect, PeerFly provides real-time support with its designated representatives.

Additionally, as an affiliate or an advertiser, PeerFly allows learning about the system to implement it in the future. Including tips on the successful promotion, you will find other learning materials without any cost. Along with your marketing, you can simultaneously learn more things to boost your business and reach the apex.

Trackier (previously vNative)

Trackier is an affiliate marketing software.

When you’re seeking for a super-smart, automated, and highly optimized tool for affiliate marketing success, vNative’s (now Trackier) got your back. You can trust its system, which helped myriad of advertisers and publishers around the globe, and you might be one of them. It has a prolific idea that empowers enterprises in control of their campaigns.

Using this affiliate marketing software, users can do a set of advanced and beneficial things. More than building a campaign, this app allows merchants to automate and personalize their settings from the comfortable dashboard. Also, it supports various campaign methods like CPC, CPA, and similar models.

How the campaigns perform, you can see the stats with a real-time view and then decide the next step. As a next-generation affiliate system, vNative presents a native API so that the system can be adapted to any application. vNative changes the whole game by setting a central marketing hub where users can organize all their resources and utilize them according to their needs.

A highly customizable platform like vNative is an excellent solution for all the entrepreneurs who want to go to the top. Managing all digital marketing campaigns and payouts is simple with this network. Not to mention that vNative is accessible anytime from any place where you stay.

Post Affiliate Pro

With Post Affiliate Pro you can bring in benefits to online businesses.

Anyone who believes in an inevitable success and wants to see modest to insane growth should try with Post Affiliate Pro. With only one goal, this network is introduced to bring in benefits online businesses. Multi-currency support, marketing tools, and functionality make this platform a superb option for advertisers and blogger-marketers.

People sometimes happen to hesitate to follow your links when they can identify those as affiliate links. If you think this problem can cause you a mentionable loss, then Post Affiliate Pro will help you there. It will give you a direct link to put in your posts, which is a mask of the original link. This way, you can convince your users with more credibility.

To increase the number of conversions, you won’t find too many good options like this tool’s supply. And, taking the whole thing one step further, it introduces multi-tier commissions. There are several ways to make your partners happy with the business, and one of them is ensuring a fair amount of payback. What about creating incentives for additional sales? Expand your reach with this new method.

Furthermore, the intuitive, compelling, and splendid user interface will let you take care of your work in a charming manner. The platform is easy to manage, and you can make a selection of necessary things on the dashboard. Making payments, generating reports, and a lot of other tasks can be completed at your fingertips.


Voluum is one of the best affiliate software solutions.

In this list of the best affiliate software solutions, Voluum is one of our favorites. It presents a horizon of possibilities for marketers and entrepreneurs with its dedicated solutions to advertising products. Similarly, users can get aid with analytics, affiliate customization, and buying various types of media.

If installing the affiliate marketing software takes too much time, it’s not worth your selection. In the real world of business and success, people always look out for the options where there time’s utilized best. Volumm has an instant setup opportunity, and you can get all its functionality right there in no time.

Moreover, Volumm offers real-time stats, access to zero data limits, advanced redirection tools, and more enchanting features. What’s more relaxing is you can ask for immediate help if you experience any problem regarding installation or the system itself.

Choose one of the three pricing options based on your needs. From $99, $399, and $999, check out which one will serve you best, considering data retention, service users, and other metrics. The custom plan’s also available who want to go for the huge catch that accommodates their integrations.

Closing Thoughts

We’re about to finish, and we profoundly hope that you’ve got your best affiliate marketing software by now. Deciding the best match doesn’t depend on the long feature list. If you find what you need in a tool – choose it. Affiliates and manufacturers, these tools are for both. Visit their site and try to learn more before dive in finally.

By the way, if you are a passionate blogger and want to make money from Amazon affiliate, we suggest you go with AzonPress, the best Amazon affiliate tool. You shouldn’t be thinking about how to collect affiliate links from Amazon and then put them into your blog posts. To manage those links, AzonPress will provide you with a smooth and time-saving way.


Sadiq Ahmad is a writer and marketer at WPManageNinja. He’s a passionate blogger, WordPress enthusiast, and an SEO guy.

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    Besides, as far as I know, the platform has its own smart links and offers and you have to pay nothing if working with their offers

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