Conversion rate optimization is the art of improving customer conversions on your website by getting them to take a specific action. Whether that action is to sign up for a newsletter. Watch and share a video, or make a purchase. It is important to influence them to take the next step forward.

Conversion rate optimization is extremely important for the success and profits of any e-commerce business. Without it, a business can waste time and money on marketing and product inventory that is never sold.

Fortunately, using best practices to optimize your conversion rate can help your business achieve success and maintain high sales numbers. Consider these conversion rate tips to take action.

Invest In Efficient Website Design

Invest In Efficient Website Design

The online presence of an e-commerce store is significant, as it is the central territory in which many consumer-related actions occur. A poorly designed website is the number one reason why most e-commerce store owners fail at obtaining higher conversions.

A sleek website with a functional design is more appreciated by consumers than ever, as they have access to modern technologies on a day-to-day basis. In fact, consumers frequently judge a website and decide whether or not that they will move forward based on the quality and the appearance of a landing page.

Entrepreneur suggests that a harmonious color scheme, easy navigation, simple data forms, and an online chat option can massively increase conversion rates.

Host a Secure and Speedy Site

Websites that are not secure often appear suspicious and unsafe for consumers to access. With so many consumers worried about the misuse of their personal data or the threat of identity theft, websites that are not secure lose major points with consumers who intend to browse before doing anything.

If you are hosting an unsecured website, it is best to use an encrypted website and upgrade its security to notably raise your conversion rates. Receiving badges and other logos of approval from reputable online entities and reviewers can make browsing your e-commerce store more comfortable for consumers who are highly concerned about online safety.

In addition, do not neglect the loading speed of your website if you truly desire to raise conversions for your e-commerce store. A site that takes too long to load can cause consumers to run for the hills even before they have the opportunity to take any type of action. Using a reliable server is best so that during prime times of the day, your site is still able to load and run smoothly.

Use Vivid Photos and Product Descriptions

On most e-commerce websites. Consumers decide whether or not to buy from you based on the quality of the photos and the product descriptions that you post. Using blurry, poorly colored photos or scarce descriptions is a turnoff for modern consumers who want to see and read about what they are purchasing before they choose to buy.

If consumers are not pleased with the way that the product photos look or the description presented. They may not take the next step to click onto the sales page.

Using high-resolution photos is a superb idea for raising conversion rates for your e-commerce store. In addition, well-written product descriptions can make all of the difference whether or not a consumer decides to buy anything.

To avoid misleading consumers, you should also post the exact specifications for the products that they are buying. So that you minimize customer dissatisfaction and returns as well.

Post Competitive Pricing Models

It is wise to study your competitors to determine whether or not your e-commerce store is priced right for your target audience. Providing online coupons for email subscribers can produce instant savings for consumers that influences them to sign up for emails, and promotional codes retrieved can also propel them to make the move to check out.

Offering free shipping to consumers who spend a certain amount can also improve conversion rates and increase sales from those who are convinced that they are getting an excellent deal.

Forbes suggests that being upfront about pricing on your website gives consumers stronger confidence in your brand and increases closure rates.

Increase Conversions with A/B Testing

Increase Conversions with A/B Testing

With A/B testing or split testing, conversion rate optimization becomes simpler. The idea is that during A/B testing. The first set of consumer traffic sees one version of your website. While the other group sees the alternate changes that you are considering.

Using tools such as HumCommerce and analyzing the data collected from split testing can make ideal website design choices, effective color combinations, attractive pricing strategies, and other elements easier to select.

Quicksprout recommends that e-commerce sites should perform continuous split testing to consistently optimize their website and raise conversion rates on a regular basis.

Acquire Mobile Optimization

With so many people who choose to visit websites and shop online using their smartphones, if your page is not mobile optimized, you are missing out on a huge number of conversions.

Adweek reports that billions of consumers are comfortable with shopping on their mobile devices, and these numbers will continue to rise in the coming years. If a consumer cannot see your website on their smartphone or tablet. You can bet that they will go to a competitor’s site to handle their shopping needs and desires.

As world populations of the future continue to use mobile technologies for their everyday shopping needs. Your e-commerce store must be ready and equipped for their browsing convenience.


E-commerce business owners that do not pay attention to conversion rates. Will find themselves outdone by competitors, and out of business. With the help of strategic conversion rate techniques, an e-commerce store that has low sales can multiply its profits.

Brilliant e-commerce business owners invest in conversion rate optimization early. So that they can receive the advantages of their efforts as soon as possible.


Digital marketing consultant and blogger. Shardul has experience in SEO, SMM, CRO, and content marketing. You can often find him exploring stuff or binging on Netflix.


  1. Thanks, Shardul for sharing these great tips. They are quite handy and will allow Ecommerce website owners to increase the rate of conversion on their website. I would like to add another method.

    Setting up a survey or feedback system. This is a great way to get direct insights from the website and get valuable inputs to improve our service/product and make them future ready. Here is a plugin that will help you do that:

    Let me know your thoughts.

  2. For ecommerce store owner, having a store is not enough. SEO and digital marketing of ecommerce website is essential things that one cannot avoid it that encourage buyer to buy from your store. These all are the effective ways of drive more sales from potential customer. Besides that, ecommerce website must be ADA compliance to cover the audience of physical disabled people.

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