When running your online business, you will always want to come up with more and more ways to increase your sales and make your company successful. While the way your website is presented as well as the descriptions of your products is very important in order to catch a potential customer’s eye, there are more factors that play a role in boosting your sales.

One of those is email marketing. While it might not seem like that important, in fact, it accounts for approximately 23% of sales on your website, making it an especially important tool to your company’s success. In order to achieve that percentage though, you will need to know a few things about setting up your own email marketing campaign. Here are some easy-to-follow tips to help you get started.

How to Gather Contacts for Your Email List

The very first thing you need to do is understand how you should be attracting new contacts to your email list. The best way to do this is by making sure your sign-up form is easily accessible and easy to fill out.

For example, when someone visits your website for the first time and goes to view a certain product, you can then present them with a pop-up page which will allow them to sign up to your email list. In order to help your sales though, you should also offer them a discount code or a certain offer for the product they were viewing if they sign up on time.

An alternative that won’t set back your sales figures is to offer them a lead magnet. This is a free resource – usually, a file – that becomes instantly accessible as soon as they sign up for your email list. Think ebooks, whitepapers, checklists, cheat sheets, etc. – anything that can help your website visitors with the problems they might be facing. Lead magnets are fairly cheap to create and offer an instant reward for signing up.

You should be attracting new contacts to your email list.
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This tactic will allow your audience to think about making a purchase right away. A good discount will always be a good motivation to make a purchase. If you keep regularly sending them offers and discount codes through your emails, they will be more likely to make more purchases and also to keep viewing your emails.

Send Personalized Emails

One of the things that will always help increase your online sales is creating a more “personal” connection with your potential and existing customers. Your email list will give you the opportunity to get to know their preference better and it will allow you to communicate with them a lot more effectively.

It is important to address your contact by their names when you reach out to them via email. Bonding with your customers is important to happen from the very first email you send them. Reach out to them with a greeting and welcome them to your email list. The friendlier you are, the better your chances of these people putting their trust in your brand and make a purchase.

Increase Your Online Sales- Address your contact by their names when you reach out to them via email.
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When sending out any sort of email, it is also important to make sure that your brand continues to look professional. Not only will you have to be respectful towards your customers, but you will also have to be careful about correcting any potential mistakes you might have made in your text which could make your business look less professional.

In order to correct this and prevent it from happening, you should invest some time and funds into an online tool or service which can help you with proofreading and editing your emails before you send them out.

Create a Sense of Urgency

When sending an email to a potential customer who is subscribed to your email list, it is a good idea to create a sense of urgency in order to help them make the decision of purchasing a certain product or service. In order to achieve this, you will need to include a special offer in the email which will only be valid for a certain amount of time.

Create a sense of urgency in order to help them make the decision of purchasing.
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If this offer is based on what this person has recently viewed or has in their wish list it is way more likely for them to go ahead and make that purchase right away. The more precise your offers are and the smaller the time-limit, the better the chances of your contact finally becoming a customer.

Ask for Feedback After a Purchase

If you wish to show them that you care about their experience with your brand, asking them for feedback after they make a purchase should be your top priority. Even if your company is small and you don’t have a lot of people working in customer support, you should always make sure that you give your customers the chance to chat live with an employee about any problems they might have come across.

Ask for feedback after they make a purchase.
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The easiest way for you to get feedback is by asking them to give you a 1-5-star rating for your services and to let you know via email if they are unhappy about anything. At the same time, if they were pleased with the services you provided, up until the point of the delivery of their product, you should also ask them to leave a positive review.

Positive reviews can always be used on your website as a means to make more customers believe that the services you provide are legitimate and trustworthy. You can ask your customers to give you feedback in exchange for a discount code on any product they wish to purchase next and make this experience a lot more pleasant for them.

Expanding Your Reach and Increasing Your Sales

Email marketing has a lot to offer to those who use it correctly. While you might not know a lot about it in the beginning, you will soon get to learn more and more about how to create the right targeted emails and when to send them. All these little tricks can help you convert more leads and increase your online sales in a short amount of time.

What is your opinion on email marketing and how has it benefitted your brand?


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