While creating a new website, every beginner tries to make it as cheap as possible, and it is a right thing to do. They start looking for free hosting services and by saying looking for, we all understand googling! Yes, it’s quite real! You can have a completely free web hosting and start building. It is always exciting.

However, once you go for this free variant, day by day you start noticing and discovering that you are limited in your actions; therefore, many of them become much more expensive for you than the ones you would pay for. If you or a person you know think about having a free website, then you would rather stop doing it and start reading these 18 reasons why free cheese is only in a mousetrap.

1. You Pay for Free Trial Service

In the most cases, these free variants usually are limited trials. After some time, they ask for money for some services. Furthermore, almost always compared to WordPress hosting services this price is really higher. Sometimes people add the data of their credit cards during the signing up process and the providers of the free services charge them with no warning.

2. Hidden Web Page Charges

The main goal of these kinds of companies is very similar to the paid ones as they all want to get money from their project. How do they do that if they are completely free? They charge their target market for “required” services such as website transfer and image hosting and believe me the charges are mostly high.

3. Time-Consuming Web Pages

Most hosting providers have lots of web pages that share exactly the same server. This makes the work of these web pages really slow. Slow websites make users feel unsatisfied and meet the worst experience if they are not good for SEO.

4. They Get Money from Advertisements

In most cases, these free web page services encourage users to help themselves by ads. Thus, you are right, it is free. You create a content for free and you build your own website for free. However, they get the money out of your credit card by using ads. These ads usually are not in an appropriate way, intrusive, and censored.

And what is even worse? You competitors have lots of open opportunities to beat you such as paying to these providers for advertising on your own web page.

In most cases, these free web page services encourage users to help themselves by ads

5. Closing You Web Page with No Reason

The providers of the project can close your website anytime with no explanation, or reason. If they close a web page, they usually will not let you access any data from your website and you lose it all.

6. They Can Share and Sell Your Information

Any business should earn money not to leave the market. And there is an undeniable fact that if you are not purchasing a product you are their product. This brings us to another fact that they have no other way to earn money but begins selling your private information including email address, any information connected with you or your company or even your web page to other free domains. So, it is all about their terms that you might ignore. That is how they get legal opportunity to make you a product for themselves.

7. No Opportunity to Use Tools

In this subtitle, you can see one of the main differences between paid and free services. The last ones offer very limited tools and services to their customers. It is pointless to use these tools because they will make your web page some sort of mainstream and with beginners’ style. It means professional companies might not take your site seriously.

No Opportunity to Use Tools.

8. You Can Not Install WordPress

In most cases when you use free hosting service you are not capable to install WordPress for your website. Why? The answer is a really obvious. WP demands much more money than the providers of free projects want to afford them.

9. Too Limited Opportunities on WP

You can rarely find some free services that suggest WP but the point is that they can not run it. The results would be lots of errors. Thus, they will completely ruin your WP experience.

10. They Can Leave You Anytime with No Goodbye

Every single day, the free website company might have a desire to deny their services and disappear. Closing services are legal for them. As a result, you will lose your web page and all the data you had with it, with no hope for a refund.

11. No Web Page No Site Address

As I already said in the previous subtitle, they can easily close their services and you will have nothing but a confused condition. However, that is not the only step they can do. You will not have access even to your web address to redirect users to your new page.

12. Pay for More Pages

Often these free hosting services provide only a very limited number of pages for a web page and you have to pay if you need more than they offer.

13. No Smart User Will Trust Your Product

If you build your website with a free hosting service, the experienced visitors of your web page would not trust you at all. In this case, it is even pointless to have a web page.

14. Few Opportunities for Theme Variety

Unlike paid services, where you can choose your design from 1000 themes, free websites offer only simple themes that do not grab visitors’ attention at all. You would not have the opportunity to create your own theme.

15. Forget About Visitors Using Mobile Devices

Free websites cannot be upgraded to be available for the consumers that use smartphones or badges. Their options are designed only for specific devices such as laptops and computers.

16. You Did Not Pay for Responsive Options

The providers of these free services do not care about themes and designs. So, often they are very old ones that do not accept any changes during the visiting process and they are not available for mobile users.

17. Your Time is Not Free

If you have a serious desire to have the data about your product on the internet and benefit from it then you just should not start with a free website. As you have read in this article, they are unsafe, difficult, and will disturb your business from growing.

18. Free Plugins on the WordPress

Like the free hosting services on the Internet, there is a range of plugins on WordPress and many of them have free versions which are limited in some actions; however, the plugin owners require high quality and useful product which will help you increase your sales once you have installed it.

Starting with the positive point I cannot deny that sometimes this information is one hundred percent truthful and this is the case for popup plugins that provide most of their relevant options in their free versions, and then make them into Premium ones. But overall, people usually gain nothing but lots of plugins decreasing the speed of their web page.

Hope this post – 18 reasons why not to save on your website was helpful for you! Good luck with your business.


I am an international business administrations student at LCC international university and I work as a content writer at Sygnoos company. I am specialized in developing blogs: SEO writing, WP developing and website content, SEM, technical writing, and editing, copywriting and copyediting, marketing research, proofreading and correcting.

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