One of the most exasperating and frustrating things would be spending a significant amount of such things that you could almost grab for free, unless you knew earlier about it, right?

Being an entrepreneur or a manager, you obviously have an array of things to settle down. And, upon everything else, when you just keep on adding to the plate, all you get is foiling in return.

Therefore, being in the business industry simply calls being clever. And the best ingenious thing that you can do is using freebies. After all, who doesn’t like procuring something without shedding a penny from the pocket?

Whether you are designing an exclusive package for your products or are developing a new website, there is a gamut of resources that you can find on the internet to make you accomplish your tasks more professionally and quickly. And that too, free of cost.

So, keeping the ideas to save you bucks from all around in mind, here is the list of some of the best freebies that you can get for your creative projects. Although, it might seem a bit endless and daunting, however, it isn’t going to cost you anything on the earth. Cool, isn’t it? So, let’s begin.

1. Landing Page Freebie

This freebie offers you awesome designs to choose from.

Who doesn’t want to make their website stand out from the competition? If you are from the same league, this landing page freebie will definitely be your savior. In the world of copy & paste, you can attain exclusivity and uniqueness through this freebie.

Depending upon a set of themes, this freebie offers you innumerable striking designs to choose from. Not just that, but it also provides an option of multiple pages, mobile app development, and office concepts. A sure shot way to attain a thriving number of visitors.

Furthermore, with every page, you can ensure eye-catching images and interesting headings – all for your good. Apart from that, you can anticipate video conference, delivery concept, creative process, and much more from this freebie.

2. One Page Business WordPress Theme

One theme is all you would need to get your one-page website designed.

Coming from the basket of responsive WordPress themes pioneer – CyberChimps – this Corporate One theme is all you would need to get your single page website designed. Be it a startup or a large enterprise, this theme is competent enough to suit every need.

This one has been integrated with an easy-to-use and flexible full-width slider. Hence, you can provide an unmatchable look to your website seamlessly. It also comes with ready to use sections for About, Top Banners, Testimonial, Services, Contact, Experience, and much more.

Apart from that, you can expect the following features from this WordPress theme:

  • Sticky header
  • Smooth navigation
  • Special mouse hover effect
  • Vertical view
  • Portfolio/Gallery
  • Options for typography
  • And much more…

3. Free Stock Pictures

Grab 125 stock pictures for free.

At some point in life, you would have surely come across the need to download or purchase stock photos, isn’t it? However, it’s not always that you get the right kind of image at the right time. So, taking away your worries here is the freebie for stock images that you can grab.

Not one, not two, not three – there are up to 125 photos that you can get from one of the extremely talented photographer’s collection. This collection includes images of animals, business, textures, transportation, food & drink.

Once downloaded, you wouldn’t have to bounce from one place to another in search of images. Whether for commercial use or personal, this collection of amazing and striking photos can be really useful to you.

4. Inspirational PowerPoint Slides

Get these free professional PowerPoint slides.

Let’s admit it – there is nothing as powerful as a striking PowerPoint presentation that can pitch for your business amazingly, right? When in business, there is a constant feel to somehow persuade investors or customers with something unique and sassy.

With these free professional PowerPoint slides, you can fulfill all your requirements without facing any obstacles. These elegant, professional, and interesting slides are surely going to keep your audience hooked and mesmerized for long.

Only after taking the best tips and techniques for presentation, these slides have been created to leave an effective impact. In these 6 slides, you can find a color palette, free images, along with some master slides.

5. Monky Font

With Monky font, you can enhance the usability and readability.

There is no denying the fact that text matters the most in the online world. Whether you have a simple blog, professional website, or extravagant e-commerce website, you obviously would have to type and attract your audience with words.

And just for that, this freebie will be extremely advantageous. Since the font design has a potential to impact your entire design, it’s significant that you choose it wisely. With this Monky font, you can easily enhance the usability, readability, and the overall experience of your users.

This versatile and fun font family comes with 7 types of different font styles, including more than 50 shapes. You can experiment with designs and create something unique. Installing this font family is as easy as a cakewalk. All you have to do is extract the .zip file, point to the .off file and double click on it, and then just install. And, that’s it!

6. Avactis Shopping Cart

Avactis is a shopping cart has been designed with PHP.

For an e-commerce website, it is nearly impossible to conduct operations and make sales without a shopping cart, right? While other types of carts may cost a bomb to you, this one can make the entire process simpler and easier.

Coming from the basket of Avactis, this shopping cart has been designed with PHP. Easy to install, it comes with several user-friendly and beneficial features. And the best part is you wouldn’t have to use your credit card as it won’t cost you even a buck.

Regardless of the type of website you own, this shopping cart only demands simple integration to get going. Its features are even SEO-friendly. Based on your requirements and the theme of your website, you can change the entire look of the cart whenever you want.

7. Legal Forms

This are free legal agreement templates.

Although selling and buying products or services have paved the way for a revolution in the market, it’s the one form of business that is extremely vulnerable, too. People on the internet can be easily misguided and their information can be misused without any second thoughts.

Therefore, it is your responsibility to provide a secure and obstacle-free shopping experience to your customers. For that, you can use this freebie legal agreement templates. They make your privacy and security game a level higher.

These 4 different legal forms are competent enough to put a stamp of legally compliant on your website. Through this, you can gain Website Development Agreement, Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, and Trademark Assignment Agreement.

8. Free Audio & Text Summaries

This set of audiobooks contain 3 of the most evergreen and appreciated books.

Who doesn’t need an inspiration while walking on a path that ascertains nothing but stumbling blocks? Keeping this in mind, there wouldn’t be any good source of gaining inspiration other than books. Don’t you think so?

Hence, if you are a bibliophile but stuck with a limited number of hours, you can give a try to these audio files. This inspiring set of audiobooks contain 3 of the most evergreen and appreciated books, named Rich Dad Poor Dad, Good to Great, and The Challenger Sale.

Once downloaded, these books will be instantly delivered to you. And, after that, you can either listen to the MP3 for audio or can even read the summary text available in the PDF format. Easy enough?

9. Free Email Template

Freebies for Your Creative Projects - Converting leads into customers? Email brings out the best result.

When it comes to converting leads into customers, email brings out the best result. And that’s quite true. You can simply find relevant stats on the internet affirming to this statement. Email campaigns don’t just emphasize quantity but quality.

Considering this, you can surely make use of this responsive and elegant email template to a great extent. The good part about this template is not only you can easily customize it, but it is even compatible with CampaignMonitor as well as MailChimp.

Since the design of the email is the first thing your users observe, it is paramount to hit the send button only when you have something exclusive and catchy to rely upon. Therefore, ensure that you are making the best use of this freebie to attract more customers and accomplish more conversions.

10. Tesla Login Customizer Plugin

With this plugin you can simply customize your WordPress login page.

With something constant and monotonous, it is palpable to get uninterested, right? When talking about WordPress, there are certain aspects that can be customized for the good. Regardless of how creative you’ve kept your entire dashboard or the website – for that matter – you’d have to go through the same old login page.

But, what if you can change it as well? This WordPress plugin allows you to do just that. Without any coding, you can simply customize your WordPress login page and make it as attractive as possible. With this plugin, you can enhance almost every aspect of your login page and make it appropriate according to the brand identity.

Be it form, primary color, background image, background size, font, redirection, logo, or any other thing, the entire look of this page can be customized just within the matter of time.


At the end of the day, it’s the quality that matters, isn’t it? And when you can get the same anticipated quality free of cost, it wouldn’t be a bad deal to grab. So, get your hands on these freebies and create something marvelous with your creative projects.

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