Choosing a WordPress theme that is SEO friendly is a smart call! It can be a real asset to your blog.

Today, acquiring a decent place in Google search results is imperative. It increases your website visibility, which makes you known to your potential and target customers. It is always good to execute solid SEO practices.

Additionally, it is essential that you also select an SEO friendly theme for a WordPress site.

Understanding an SEO Friendly Theme

The majority of business owners don’t exactly know the meaning of an SEO friendly WordPress theme. Do you resonate with that? If yes, then you need to delve deep into the topic. For starters, an SEO friendly WordPress theme is one that enables you to incorporate all the keywords relevant to you seamlessly. It also can optimize pictures, has an organized code, and decent loading speed.

Are you wondering how to have access to such a theme? You need to join hands with an SEO company and ask for the best suggestions, based on your SEO and company requirements. You can search for an SEO service provider online, just by writing “SEO company near me and select from the various choices you get.

Why Do You Need to Be Careful While Selecting Your WordPress Theme?

Today, WordPress gets used to develop all types of sites. Hence, every theme has a distinct market to cater to. It is essential that the theme complements your site content and also your brand logo and objective. For instance, if your WordPress site is all about social issues or thought leadership projects, then your theme should enhance the readability.

You can have access to themes that offer you several customizations. And when it doesn’t get coded correctly, it might not act in your favor. You might not be able to modify themes or experiment with WordPress plugins. You might have to take the help of a developer every time you wish to make some changes.

Also, there are a few WordPress themes that look appealing to the eyes but can make your site very slow. That will make your audience bounce off from your website to the other. And it can hurt the Google search rankings.

If you have a WordPress site, the theme is your brand face. It plays a pivotal role and determines how the search engines and users perceive it. It is essential to select a theme that boosts your SEO. And for this, you need to consider a few things. The six important ones are listed below:

1. Always Choose Simplicity

You will come across several WordPress themes that have complex layouts, colors, flashy animations, and many more. There are times when you might require it. However, in the majority of situations, that might seem like an extra feature you can do without.

It’s wise to look for a WordPress theme with a design layout that seamlessly enhances your brand and business objective. It’s not smart to overlook simplicity and usability.

Also, you need to ensure that the theme is not complicated. The main objective of website designing is to enable people to find the required data on a site. Hence, navigation and user experience are of paramount importance.

2. Opt-In for a Mobile Responsive Theme

Google index mobile first

A responsive WordPress theme will always manage its layout to fit various computing devices and screen sizes. A vast amount of web traffic gets generated from smartphones and other computing devices. Based on the site’s topic, this number can increase over 50% of the web traffic.

According to Google, mobile-friendly sites are the ones that rank high in SERPs. Irrespective, of the website’s demographics and topics, it is essential for the sites to stay responsive and completely mobile-ready. The majority of WordPress themes are designed to be mobile responsive.

However, some sellers sell a fixed-width layout, which isn’t mobile responsive. You need to stay aware of this. Don’t compromise a mobile responsive theme.

3. Examine Whether a WordPress Theme to Check Its Mobile Readiness

Do you want to check if the WordPress theme you’ve selected is mobile responsive or not? You can do this by resizing the browser screen. When you get your browser screen resized, you will find a layout for the theme that will seamlessly match the screen width.  If you would like to buy the high responsive WordPress theme, then you should go for the Divi theme from Elegant themes. While purchasing the theme, don’t miss grabbing the best Divi discount and take your site design to a next level.

4. Check the Browser Compatibility

Check the Browser Compatibility.

You can’t expect all your users to make use of one browser. They will use different browsers. The theme you choose might appear perfect on your browser. Things might be wrong with another browser that your users use. Here you need to opt-in for browser compatibility.

Today, the ace WordPress theme developers are always testing their themes extensively by making use of advanced testing tools.

It might get very clearly stated on the site. However, just in case they don’t, you always have the chance to conduct the essential tests to analyze the themes on various browsers like Safari, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, and many more. Analyze mobile browsers, as well.

5. Check the Plugins That Come Along

The true potential of WordPress is in its plugins. And today you have many of them such as W3 Total Cache and Gravity Forms. You need to ensure that the WordPress theme you choose backs up the crucial plugins. If you are not very sure about it, check with a theme developer.

6. Your Theme Needs to Be Multi-Lingual and Translation Ready

Many entrepreneurs wish their WordPress site to be multi-lingual.

Many WordPress sites today are not written in English. Some companies want their websites to be in French, German, Polish, or any other language other than English. Many entrepreneurs wish their WordPress site to be multi-lingual. Your site theme should support you here.

Whatever language you choose for your website, professional writers like those at WowGrade are there to help you create relevant SEO-friendly content.

Ensure that the WordPress theme backs up the multi-lingual and translation ready plugins. This way, your users can translate the site in a language of their preference.

Wrapping Up

These are some of the essential considerations that you need to make about your WordPress site. There are many other aspects that you can consider, as well. You can check with these six above mentioned factors to start with. And for further professional guidance and assistance, you can get in touch with an ace SEO provider.

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