Indeed, it often happens to you that you need to export your business contacts from Google Maps, and sometimes it can be a painstaking and time-consuming job. We have prepared the right solution for you, so keep reading. But first, let us introduce you to everything about Google Maps.

An online server for consulting geographic information is Google Maps. It features an online version and a mobile app for iOS and Android. You may access information on practically all globe maps, most places, and cities via Google Maps. Users may also use products like Street View, Google Traffic, GPS navigation, and a route distance estimator, in addition to viewing real-time street-level traffic statistics utilizing these tools.

Google Maps recently became one of the best ways to do any business or shop, easily searchable for everyone. By entering their information into Google Maps, increasing numbers of local and even online companies can attract clients. As a result, you and your marketing team should leverage it as the ideal lead source going forward to increase sales. Many sales teams and marketers export information from Google Maps for use in cold calling, looking into user ratings, analyzing local company sectors, and more. You can also easily export business contacts from Google Maps. 

The Outscraper platform


Businesses can gather information on locations like shops, restaurants, and petrol stations to reach new customers; Google Maps is a gold mine of valuable data. A powerful SaaS called Outscraper enables unrestricted data extraction from Google Maps at lightning speeds and with no limit on the number of records that may be collected. Google map scraping is a rapidly expanding niche with a variety of methods. It can be used for numerous things, like finding accommodations, phone numbers, directions, and customer reviews.

It can, however, be quite time-consuming and overwhelming to gather the information from the map and reformat it for your project. But you can streamline these time-consuming operations using the Outscraper Google Maps Data APIs and Outscraper Web App to extract the data from Google Maps, saving you time and effort. This tool is made to assist you in exporting any data from Google Maps that you need. 

Benefits of using Outscraper platform

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With the help of Outscraper and Google Maps Scraper, company contacts from Google Maps can be exported into a file. This makes it easy to navigate and organize. The Email & Contacts Scraper can be used to add emails, social media sites, and phone numbers to the data retrieved from maps. Websites, Facebook Groups, Google, and other public databases are just a few places the contacts scraper searches for contacts. This tool allows you to export different data based on what you need. It enables the Email & Contacts Scraper to add emails, social links, and phone numbers to the data collected from maps.

You can build lead databases, find new clients, find companies with negative reviews, and maintain track of reviews. It also enables you to research competitors by collecting local businesses from the world’s most significant small, medium, and large enterprises database. To acquire a more focused data set, you can filter by if there are any phones, emails, or websites. The Google Maps Scraper eliminates copies from the same task so that you only receive unique data, even for many requests.

Also, Outscraper can create new apps and utilize its easy-to-use API. A standard library of procedures, data structures, objects, and protocols are what is known as an application programming interface (API). Programmers must adhere to this set of guidelines and requirements to use the resources or services of the operating system or some other complicated software.

Let us mention that the option to add unlimited data to your current platform is also one of the features of this tool. To ensure you receive what you need, use the cutting-edge technology in scraping that Outscraper offers. You can continue scraping despite site updates because the team keeps the system up to date. Connect to powerful servers across multiple regions to ensure you receive the correct information on time. The base of Outscraper, which was created with the specific purpose of being able to manage millions of operations concurrently, handles all extractions.

You pay as you go with Outscraper; when you sign up to try it out for free, you’ll also get free credits. There are no monthly subscription fees. Outscraper offers quick and accurate information about Google Maps locations in a straightforward and user-friendly interface. Despite having cutting-edge functionality, the platform is simple to use. Compared to the alternatives, it is significantly shorter.


Outscraper is one of the best tools to export business contact from Google Maps. With their easy-to-use interface, you will be able to gather all the necessary data in just a few moments. This tool is required to grow your business in the modern world. Navigating and organizing are made simple by this tool.


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