When thinking of taking the business online, the first thing that’d hit your mind has your brand’s website, right? As of March 2019, there are more than 1.6 billion websites on the internet. Wow, now that’s quite a considerable number. And, the fact that it’s still growing makes it even more fascinating.

There’s no denying the fact that every new business requires a website today. However, one of the significant problems that most of people face is either finding a professional developer or gathering enough funds for the project.

One thing that you should keep in mind is that developing a website shouldn’t be an intimidating process. More so, fortunately, with the introduction of website builders, it’s become even more comfortable and quicker.

Now, you can get your website ready and how you imagine it to be. But, there are still people who might be under the idea of not using such tools? This perception could be related to their belief in unnecessary myths.

Thankfully, there are a lot of websites online that write articles about website builders, share various guides, etc. One of these websites is Website Advisor and I definitely recommend this site for those who are interested in website builders.

But first of all, keeping everything aside, here are a few reasons that’d help you understand how using a website builder can help you out.

What Is a Website Builder?

A website builder is a tool that enables you to develop an eye-catching and functional site without the need for coding or designing knowledge. Probably, the only skill that you’d require is being familiar with how to run this tool.

Instead of striving to create a site from scratch, you can use pre-existing features to develop one. The variety of website builders are specifically meant for freelancers, individuals, photographers, bloggers, start-ups, and small businesses.

One website builder we highly recommend is TemplateToaster – TemplateToaster is a powerful offline website builder and CMS template builder software.  It lets you create high-quality website designs within minutes. Create your own website from scratch with the easiest website builder.

TemplateToaster also offers pre-designed templates created by a team of professional designers and developers. Anyone can easily modify these themes on their own. There is no need to learn professional coding to design templates with TemplateToaster.

TemplateToaster supports all the latest versions of bootstrap and creates responsive websites. The builder also supports eCommerce features for creating an online business website without any hassle. Its drag and drop User interface helps any novice to create websites in no time.

Why Should You Use a Website Builder?

So far, with the definition, it’s clear that a website builder can help you develop a site seamlessly. But why exactly should you use such a tool? Here are some of the significant reasons that you must consider before diving deeper.

1. Faster Development of the Website

Faster Development of the Website

While running an online business, if you’re missing upon a reliable platform for the audience, you can lose a lot of customers as well as the revenue. If you’re unable to figure this fact yet, that’s only because you haven’t started tracking your users.

If you don’t have a website up and running, you’re lagging behind your competitors. That’s one of the reasons why you must have a professionally designed website.

With a website builder tool, the developing project wouldn’t consume weeks or months. Instead, you can create a complete site within a couple of days and launch it too.

2. Saves You A Lot Of Money

Save A Lot Of Money

Having enough budget and time at hand calls for hiring the best of professionals for the project. But, what if you have none of them? If you’re starting up, of course, you’d have several aspects to look into.

In such a scenario, spending thousands of bucks on a website might not seem a correct option. That could be quite a considerable expense for you if your budget is already diversified into different sections.

So, coming to website builders, there are plenty of them that you can use without paying a single penny. That’s right! And, if you’d want some advanced features, you’d only have to spend anywhere between $5 – $40, which is pretty affordable, isn’t it?

3. You Get to Regulate

While creating the site on your own, you get to select the overall feel and look of it. When hiring a designer, you can narrate what’s in your mind. But, the results could be entirely different than your imagination.

A website builder gathers all the essential tools and puts them in your hand to take charge. Thus, right from colors to layouts, styles, and other elements, it’s all your canvas to paint.

4. No Need to Code

Learning how to code can take a whole lot of time.

Most probably, coding was the biggest hurdle that’d have stopped you from taking the step. Learning how to code can take a whole lot of time. And, with technologies changing rapidly, you’ll have to quickly pace-up to be able to develop something relevant.

Moreover, you’ll have to take out a significant number of hours from your daily schedule to learn to code without any disturbances. Think about it; will it be possible for you?

If not, why to stress out. These tools come pre-equipped with such features that make it easier for you to create something attractive, even if you’re a complete novice.

5. Pre-Designed Templates Adhere to Basic Standards

Keeping the coding aside, there’s a lot that goes into developing an entire website. Being the person with responsibility, you’d have to focus on creating a positive user experience for your visitors.

And, it could necessitate committing long working hours in understanding how you can make the overall design appealing. But, if you choose the right builder, you can rest assured that the templates offered are designed by following the best practices.

The templates provided are generally adhering to all the guidelines, helping you gain more advantages from the efforts invested.

6. Several Customization Options

You wouldn’t want your website to look like an exact copy of the ones already available out there. Therefore, with these tools, even though you’ll be working with such templates that other people might have access to, you’ll have different customization options.

Be it color options, backgrounds, fonts, formatting, or the element placement; there’s so much that you can find. Moreover, you can also choose a variety of elements to be added on different pages, like buttons, images, maps, shapes, mailing list sign-ups, social share buttons, and more.

You can effortlessly create something unique, matching the requirements of your brand.

7. Easy for Anyone to Make Changes

Once finished and ready, you’d have to make changes and updates to the site from time to time. Whether it’s about tweaking it a bit or altering something completely, you must ensure that the information is correct for your users.

Owning a small business, making these changes might not be possible for you, considering other essential issues that’d have your attention. In such a scenario, with website builders, you can quickly provide the login information to anyone from your team, and they should be able to do the work.

When it’s easy for everyone to operate the website, productivity levels can touch the sky.

8. Mobile-Friendliness Is Taken Care Of

Mobile Friendliness

Today, one of the essential ways to stay updated in the online business world is to create such a website that’s accessible on almost every device. Accordingly, 62% of companies increase their sales by having a mobile-friendly site.

That should give you an excellent reason to start today. Moreover, 48% of people have admitted that if a business website doesn’t work well on mobile, it’s a simple indication that they don’t care about the users’ experience. That’s one stigma you wouldn’t want on your brand.

When you create a website from scratch, you have to add extra efforts to make it mobile-friendly. Checking the speed, optimizing images, ensuring the proper functioning, and a lot more comes under the scrutiny.

However, as far as website builders are concerned, they’re already familiar with such requirements. Thus, they make sure that their templates support mobile devices and that your visitors don’t face any hassle when browsing through smartphones or tablets.

9. Intuitive Addition of Media Features

Embedding a map of the store or creating a blog for the website can get complicated if you’re figuring out how to do it in coding. However, an adequate website builder allows you to add these features just within a few clicks.

Given the features, you can also choose the media type, like content pages or social media, that you would like to add. And then, you can upload the same through the editor and drag and drop it on the position where you want the element to be on.

Likewise, similar to all the other aspects, adding different types of media on the site through a website builder is a smooth task.

10. Creating eCommerce Is Easy

You can create an eCommerce store with a website builder.

If you don’t want to create a website to display your products or services, that’s completely fine. You can choose a more prominent method and create an eCommerce store with a website builder.

While creating an online store, you’d have to add different features, like a shopping cart, security layers, payment gateways, and more. And, choosing the right builder can help you add these functionalities intuitively.

Final Thoughts

Knowing that having a website can help you gain tremendous benefits online would surely push you towards this idea. So, if you were restraining yourself till now, owing to the time and monetary investments, you don’t have to do that anymore.

Further, there are several website builders available on the internet. So, if you’re choosing one, make sure you’re studying it well enough to understand that it can meet your requirements.

Additionally, you can also read users’ reviews to comprehend the pros and cons of the selected website builder.

So, have you used anyone so far? Or, which website builder do you think is the best choice? Do let us know below.


Ananthakrishnan is a digital marketer, web designer, blogger, creative genius and the author of this post. When he is not working you can find him at his house, playing video games.

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