What makes any WordPress writer a good writer? Not to put myself above my fellows, but I firmly believe that a good writer must think and act as a WordPress website owner.

Why is that? Because a site owner always wants the best for their website, a good writer should wish to the same. To be specific, I believe one of many aims an owner sets for their site always involves traffic. So, what drives and attract high traffic to a website?

Amongst all, quality comes first: top-notch contents, which perfectly fits to what a writer could do help. See why I said a good writer is one who thinks as a website owner?

Now we come to the next question: Then, what makes the content good? Well, in my opinion, it must be informative, enjoyable, unique, yet easy to get viral! However, as a writer, I understand that we are not writing robots; we cannot pull off a post anytime we’d like to.

So, work in a system! Get to know what types of content attract great traffic, and work on them!

When we speak about increasing traffic, the combination of a grammar checker tool and a text summarizer tool is instrumental in creating perfect content that attracts great traffic. The grammar checker ensures error-free and polished writing, while the text summarizer condenses the information, making the content more engaging and easily digestible for readers, ultimately leading to increased traffic and user engagement.

Not sure yet? Keep scrolling and find out the answers!

10 Types Of Content To Attract Great Traffic

1. Tutorials

Tutorial posts are popular among the WordPress community.

Yes, yes, and absolutely yes!

Why is Google so popular? Isn’t it because mankind is always more than eager to gain knowledge? It’s in our nature to widen our boundaries, and trust me; most of these questions start with “How?”.

WordPress users are no different, especially those that are new to the hood, excited to discover how to do this and that! That is why tutorial posts are so popular among the WordPress community.

As for the writers, well-liked tutorials upgrade your identity! As for the site owners who have a trust-worthy writer, traffic will undoubtedly soar!

2. Problem Solving

The reason I put this just behind the Tutorials is to differentiate between them since many people get confused: Unlike a tutorial, a problem-solving post identifies a problem you may encounter and show how you do deal with it. What is similar between these two kinds is the level of importance.

Much well-developed as WordPress is, it still needs to be cultivated day by day. Thus, users should expect to encounter problems, and writers should aim to solve these problems through posts!

Though some problems are more frequent, pay attention to the less encountered too! Just in case a visitor cannot find it anywhere but in your WordPress site!

3. Product Reviews

People will trust you more if the product has positive reviews.

Don’t you know that many WordPress websites have built their empires just by reviewing WordPress themes, plugins, and other products? Since new products are coming out every day, reviews are always necessary.

Not to mention that this type of content will both levitate your site identity in the niche if you’re the writer, as well as attract visitors to your site if you’re the owner, as long as you keep it accurate and helpful.

What is more, on your way to the top of prestige, you will also earn plenty of gifts and free usage that benefits your WordPress websites!

4. Lists

Lists are the kind of post that receives the most of my love, and this one you’re reading is an example. Why do people love to read lists? Well, the same as why people like to write lists, they’re easy to both write and read! Besides, they’re straightforward, into the point, and informative without too much text to absorb.

Especially for busy people who are skimming to get the main points, they could do so by scrolling and looking at the titles!

5. Interviews

You can contact experts and famous figures of the field and ask to interview them.

Many people, including WordPress users, love to learn from the excellent and the experienced. That is why you should contact leaders, experts, and famous figures of the field and ask to interview them, then have it released on your WordPress websites.

Interviews with renowned people in the world of WordPress can attract high traffic to your website since the content you hold is unique and second-to-none. So, try to get in contact with some well-admired figures in the niche and take your chance!

However, remember to include scripts if you publish an interview in the format of video or audio.

6. Videos

Videos attract a specifically large number of visitors since many people memorize pictures and actions better than they do with words. Because videos can communicate in a way text cannot, it is better to feature them sometimes on your WordPress websites.

If you’re planning to make one soon, here are some tips:

  • Be careful with the script! Even when the moving pictures are perfect, the video wouldn’t be a success if the script could not deliver a message;
  • Put it on Vimeo or YouTube: great platforms for your SEO;
  • A two-three minute video is ideal, don’t make it too long!

7. Infographics

With infographics you can fetch more user engagement and attract great traffic.

Just the same principle with videos: some people prefer to obtain information through pictures because it’s easier for them that way! Some of these people, however, find the video too much of a burden to watch. So they root for infographics!

You may not know it, but infographics are the most well-liked type of content, at least up to three times more than any other type!

So, think up an idea now and present it with infographics to see a soar in your WordPress website engagement!

8. Resources

A link page, as its name suggests, is a post that gives visitors a list of links to useful resources on the Net, and indeed is a superb way to get more visitors!

Everybody wants some useful resources, but more than often, people don’t have time to find so many by themselves. Thus, they rely on collections! That is why you should start your collections of resources and make it as top-notch, reliable, and abundant as possible!

9. Personal Stories

I love to learn from others’ experiences! I believe personal stories give us a sense of inspiration and motivation.

That is why you should sometimes change the overall mood of your WordPress websites by telling a personal story. It’s always good to be emotional once in a while, but not too much! Most importantly, make sure it conveys a lovely message so people could learn something from it, not just plain text.

I recommend you to read the ebook from Pixelgrade – How to improve your writing style and find your writing style.

10. Interactive Quizzes

Attract Great Traffic - An easy but effective way to get attention is Quizzes!

An easy but effective way to get attention: Quizzes!

All you need to do is to come up with a topic and create a quiz about it. They’re always free tools available to generate your quiz!

Then, post it to your WordPress website with some prizes along! Small rewards such as a rare eBook, a less-known but useful plugin or free access to a paid part of your site for some days, etc. could bring joy to the winner! It’s the taste of victory that counts!

There you go and try! Got any more ideas on how to attract high traffic? Please feel free to share down below, and we would appreciate it much!


My name is Thy Dao and I am a writer on WP Pluginsify. I love to write about WordPress-related topics and also love to curate WP resources.

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