Gone are the days of struggling to make money by selling individual products on your WooCommerce store.

Even though increasing sales is the ultimate objective, dynamics have changed, and it now involves giving more power and freedom to your customers by adopting new approaches to online WooCommerce sales.

It’s about using a time-tested approach of Product bundling and mix-and-match assortments as a sales technique on your WooCommerce store.

Without a doubt, bundles have a higher perceived value, which means, even if they seem more expensive than buying a single product, customers see more value associated with them.

When it comes to WooCommerce, there’s not just one but several ways to bundle and increase your WooCommerce sales. In this article, I’m going to talk about a sure-fire approach that stems from the buyer psychology and works the best – Personalized Product Bundling.

Personalized Product Bundling for the Win!

In the WooCommerce world, personalized product bundles are nothing but Custom Product Boxes.

I remember visiting shops as a kid to purchase sweets in bulk during festive seasons.

The reason I remember this is because those stores would allow me to pick up different chocolates and candies of my choice and sell them as a package at a special price.

Now, imagine replicating this on your WooCommerce store and allowing the buyer to pick and choose their favorite products from your store to create a personalized package or assortment.

Isn’t that cool?!

Today, I do all my festive season shopping online, and believe me, offering personalized bundles is a superb way of providing convenience and increasing bulk purchases.

In the WooCommerce world, these personalized product bundles are nothing but ‘Custom Product Boxes.’

The Power of Custom Product Boxes

Did you know that WooCommerce store owners using Custom Product Boxes have been able to increase their sales by 20%?

Well, that’s because adding this functionality to your store increases not only the chances of bulk purchases but also increases the chances of upselling or cross-selling.

Let’s quickly look at how the Custom Product Box functionality works:

WISDM Custom Product Boxes

With Custom Product Boxes on your WooCommerce store, you can allow your customers to choose a box based on the number of items they wish to purchase.

They can then see the list of products that can be added to their custom box and accordingly pick the products they want. Now, the price of this custom box can either be fixed or be based on the products being added to the box, depending on your operating rules.

Here, there’s also an opportunity for you to take this a step ahead and make it more personal for your customers by allowing them to create their gift boxes and add a message for their loved ones. It increases your chances of building a loyal customer base.

The best part is that creating these dynamic product combos or boxes will feel like a walk in the park. What’s even better is that this kind of setup works for all the products – confectioneries, gourmet food, wine, chocolates, donuts, or just about anything under the sun.

Let’s take a look:

Applications of Custom Product Boxes

Applications of Custom Product Boxes – To state particular applications, Custom Product Boxes can be used to:

1. Sell Assortments

Think about chocolates, cupcakes, donuts, wine bottles, mechanical parts, etc. These are the kinds of products that people would particularly spend time on choosing rather than picking up randomly.

Usually, these products are never available as a pre-assorted bundle but are purchased more often as assortments. Hence, by allowing customers to create their own box as they would in any physical shop, you will not only add to their user experience but also give them a satisfying shopping experience.

Plus, there’s a good chance that your customer will end up buying more than what they had intended to! A win-win for both.

2. Offer Shopping Deals

You can use Custom Product Boxes to set up different offer deals.

Shopping deals are always exciting!

You can use Custom Product Boxes to set up different offer deals. This practice usually helps to sell products that are similar in cost and nature. It provides an excellent opportunity for you to offer additional product combos as shopping deals.

We’ve observed that shopping deals work great, especially during the holiday season.

E.g., If you’re running a confectionary store, you can have offers like ‘Buy a box of 5 donuts with at least 3 caramel donuts and get the 6th donut of any flavor for free.’

These shopping deals apply to almost any product you’re selling online. You can even have something like ‘Buy 3 t-shirts and get 2 for free’.

Implementing shopping deals smartly will help in luring the customers to purchase more.

I must say that while this is a traditional trick, but it is quite effective when it comes to increasing WooCommerce sales of your online store.

3. Encourage Bulk Purchases

As a store owner, one would always want their customers to purchase more or as much during their visit.

While this may seem difficult. It is not impossible if you’re mindful and ready to go beyond just the ordinary sales mechanism.

The thing I love the most about personalized product bundles is its ability to allow you to create different pricing tiers to coax your potential buyers into increasing their order size.

E.g., If you’re selling school stationery. You can have offers like ‘Buy 10 pens for $15 or 20 pens for $20’.

Pricing tier works equally great for food items as well, e.g. You can offer ‘2 kgs of chocolate for $30 and 3 kgs for $35’.

The reason creating pricing tiers works successfully is because the customer sees more value in purchasing a bundle of higher quantity.

This psychological impact creates an opportunity for you to offer packs as upsells, leading to an increase in profits.

4. Upsell Recommended Products

I watch a lot of content on Netflix, and too often, I go by the recommendations they provide based on the previous content I watched. I’ve observed a similar strategy even when I’m shopping online.

I’ve come to realize that this is a brilliant technique to upsell or cross-sell your products.

Even in your WooCommerce store, a simple trick like adding Custom Product Boxes as ‘Recommended or Linked Products bundles’ can lure your buyer into purchasing a bundle.

Here’s a tip: The bundles you recommend should be complimentary or connected to the product or bundle your customer is purchasing. It will have more impact on your customer when he sees the offer.

E.g., If your customer is purchasing t-shirts. Then recommending a trouser and a belt in a bundle would be more appropriate and appealing.

Using this trick of product recommendation works magic in increasing your WooCommerce sales if you implement it successfully.

That’s not it! There’s a lot more when it comes to the use of Custom Product Boxes.

Style the Product Bundles to Suit Your Brand

Enticing your customers to purchase more with different product bundling techniques adds to the user experience and your profits.

Style the product bundles to suit your brand – Enticing your customers to purchase more with different product bundling techniques adds to the user experience and your profits.

But, along with this, focusing on the styling aspects of your WooCommerce store and the presentation of your product bundles is also the need of the hour, which is often neglected.

The folks at WisdmLabs understand the importance of creating a perception about your store and resonating with customers on an emotional level.

With this thought in mind, the Custom Product Bundles allows you to customize your product pages with different layouts options. The ease of adding products to your store makes it even simpler for buyers to complete the purchase.

You can create a strong visual impact by changing the background colors, height/width of the product boxes, and many other attributes as per your choice.

To avoid any confusion and complications, you can access all of these functionalities right from the front end of your store.

With clean layouts and less friction on the page. You’ll be able to sell more bundles and communicate the value of your brand in an efficient fashion leading to an increase in revenue and brand recognition.

Conversions are tough when it comes to running an e-store; we know this all too well.

It’s all about using the right strategy and putting customers in control. Having this personalized shopping experience in your store can also boost customer loyalty.

Before implementing a new strategy or a style on your WooCommerce store, we recommend you to check out the Custom Product Bundles plugin live in action to see the functionalities and experience the ease of conducting business.

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