Having an e-store means a lot of dependence on search engine optimization and paid campaigns to steer traffic to your website. However, according to WordPress, hardly 25% people that the search engine directs towards your website actually stay.

Moreover, only a small percentage adds items to the cart and from amongst them, barely 30% complete the transaction. Thus, an active conversion rate optimization strategy needs to be in place.

Conversion Rate Optimization Red Flags

There are many ways you can work on your conversion rate optimization to reach sustainability. However, you need to be aware of the situation first. Here are some indicators that should convince you for an overhaul.

  • If your conversion rate is anywhere between 0-2%, you are in desperate need to revamp the website. Even if it lies somewhere between 2-3%, there is a lot of room for improvement in the conversion rate optimization.
  • More than 75% of the traffic on your website is bouncing off.
  • The product conversion is less than 5%.
  • The rate of cart abandonment is more than 70%.
  • The mobile conversion rate comprises less 50% of the total conversion rate.

Understand Your Sales Funnel

One of the most efficient ways to improve your conversion rate optimization is to improvise on the sales funnel. For that, you need to know how your sales funnel works. Walk yourself through the customer experience and think from their perspective. Some of the factors that combine to make a sales funnel are:

  • Product knowledge/popularity – How popular or known the product already is among the audience
  • Product visual and product description – How much information is available on the product and how easy it is available, are there sufficient, suitable pictures to go with the product?
  • Interest generation – Is the ecommerce website good enough to retain a visitor’s interest?
  • Existing perception of product – Are there any reviews/testimonials available that can help potential buyers take an action?
  • Price, discounts, etc. – What discounts and coupon are you offering to mitigate competition?
  • Checkout process – Is checking out seamless? Are there multiple payment options? Is there a guest checkout option?
  • Membership rewards – Is your customer retaining strategy effective? Are you offering necessary incentives to existing clients to come back?

Keeping the above in mind, the first thing that needs to be done is creating a seamless consumer experience that encourages taking an action.

Blocking Obstacles

Think you have the perfect website? Think again! There are many ways you may be distracting your potential customers to convert into actual buyers. Is the user interface of the website great? Is your website easy to navigate? Do you think your FAQs cover everything a buyer may want to know, such as shipping, refund or privacy policies?

There are still other issues that might be hampering your WooCommerce website’s conversion rate optimization. You may have asked too much information that a buyer is reluctant to divulge. Moreover, your checkout page may also be infested with unnecessary items that distract the buyer.

How do you test your website and know you’re blocking potential customers from making a purchase? Through lead generation. Start with the website analysis, then move to the audience feedback and subsequently, A/B testing.

Ways To Improve Conversion Rate Optimization

Here are other ways to improve the conversion rate optimization of your WooCommerce website:

1. Be Descriptive

All products must accompany a wholesome description that covers all the basics. It must also detail the features and functionality of the product. Moreover, it should ideally be search engine optimized so that people can find the product easily.

2. Add Visuals

You can provide the option to zoom in.

Don’t just add images. Add high-quality pictures to improve the user experience. Provide the option to zoom in. Moreover, add pictures from multiple angles. Adding videos of the product or reviews of the product can help pick up sales too. A plugin like WooCommerce Image Zoom will help you incorporate the zoom in feature easily.

3. Smart & Clear Pricing

The price should be competitive and in line with the rate, the competitors are selling their products at. Moreover, it should be clearly mentioned along with the delivery charges. To further improve upon the experience, use a plugin that enables the currency to be changed into the geo-specific currency.

4. Site Navigation Functionality

The site should be easily navigable. Almost 30% of visitors use the internal navigation bar. Thus, an easy search bar should also be made available to visitors and easily locate the product they are looking for. Providing with advanced filter options is even better.

5. Optimize Checkout Flow

There are a plethora of things you can do to improve the checkout experience which will subsequently have an impact on the conversion rate optimization. For starters, give multiple payment options. Then, provide with the options of logging in as a guest or with your social media login.

6. Redesign

You may need to redesign your website pages.

As per the analytics, if there are too many people leaving the product page without converting, you may need to redesign the page altogether. To keep it simple, choose a popular WooCommerce theme and work around it.

7. Ask for Reviews

You must encourage all successful buyers to leave a review at your website. The ideal time to request a review is waiting for a 24-hour period after the product have been received.

8. Put an End To Cart Abandonment

By sending follow-up emails, you can reduce the percentage of cart abandonment to quite an extent. WooCommerce doesn’t have a built-in feature to monitor cart abandonment statistics. However, with the help of a plugin like HumCommerce, you can add that functionality to your website.

9. Have A Good Response Rate

Cater to all queries in a timely fashion. A live chat plugin or software will come in handy here.

10. Reassure Customers Of Security Protocols

Online transactions are usually met with a lot of uncertainty, especially if you are new in the business. In order to enhance your conversion rate optimization, display security badges on checkout to make your customers comfortable.

11. Work On A Viable Return Policy

A clear, stress-free return policy will go a long way.

A clear, stress-free return policy will go a long way. Make sure the return policy is easy to understand and clearly mentioned.

12. Incentives For Existing Customers

To encourage existing customers to return, offer membership, reward programs, discounts, free gifts, and other such paraphernalia. Also, launch an email marketing campaign specifically targeting the existing customers.

Conversion Rate Optimization Via Plugins

One of the dominant reasons behind WooCommerce’s emergence as the best for e-commerce is its compatibility with thousands of plugins. This makes optimizing the e-store for conversion easier. However, with conversion rates persisting around 1.5%, this is just one of the many things you can add to improve the conversion rate optimization.

Here are the most useful and effective plugins for your WooCommerce website:

Booster for WooCommerce

The Booster for WooCommerce plugin is perfect for e-stores that going global.

The Booster for WooCommerce plugin is especially useful for e-stores going global. It not only translates the website in the local language after geolocating the visitor but also changes the price into the local currency. Moreover, it even censors certain items, reacting to the sensitivity of cultural norms in a certain location.

Beeketing for WooCommerce

Beeketing for WooCommerce plugin is ideal for a conversion rate optimization strategy.

For a great conversion rate optimization strategy, the Beeketing for WooCommerce plugin is ideal. It takes care of most of your marketing needs. It has a dedicated “Boost Sales” tool that can help create pop-ups to upsell.

You can also optimize the checkout with promotional offers through this plugin to decrease cart abandonment. The plugin can analyze and form patterns on its own with the help of big data, intimating automated responses.


HumCommerce is an advanced conversion rate optimization tool for WordPress.

HumCommerce is an advanced conversion rate optimization tool that helps analyze behavioral patterns in addition to the regular analytics such as the traffic data. It can record visitor sessions on a single page or even on all of the sites.

HumCommerce also features heatmaps that point towards clicks, moves, and scrolls. It also shows the complete sales funnel, step-by-step to deconstruct the events leading to the purchase.

WooCommerce Direct Checkout

With WooCommerce Direct Checkout, you can skip the cart page and move to the checkout page directly.

With WooCommerce Direct Checkout, you can completely skip the cart page and move to the checkout page directly. This eliminates steps that lead to the final checkout, thus, decreasing the time it takes to checkout and making the process quicker and more seamless.

In Conclusion

Keeping the above tips and tools in mind, you can exponentially improve the conversion rate optimization of your WooCommerce website.


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