A/B tests are a common strategy to test an element of a site but with a different design. These tests allow the users themselves to decide half of the traffic goes to one version of the site, while the other goes to the second version. In this way, the design to be used will be determined by the site owner.

Ensure that you talk to the web development company to help you optimize your website during design. In case you still have some doubts about this popular strategy, here are some key benefits of using or performing A/B tests on your website.

It Allows You to Determine the Performance of Your Site

When performing A/B test, you can check the different indicators of the performance of your site.

When preparing and performing an A/B test, you will have to check the different indicators of the performance of your site. The A/B tests have a direct relationship with the optimization of these indicators. Therefore, you must be informed of the current numbers and how the current design can increase those numbers.

Tools like Google Analytics offer you a series of indicators that you can check to verify the performance of your site at the level of visits. Here are some of the indicators that could help you:

  • The number of views on a single page.
  • Visitors per month.
  • Number of pages that a single user views during his/her visits.
  • Traffic of users accessing from mobile devices.
  • Average time visitors spend on your site.
  • Recurring visitors.
  • The number of websites that link or share your content.

These are just some data that you can find out by thoroughly reviewing the performance of your site using Google Analytics or any other tool that has the same function. All these indicators help you to know the areas you should improve on your website.

It is the first step to be able to create a strategy that will help you decrease or increase certain figures that are negative or positive, respectively, on your website. To perform the A/B tests on your website, you can contact top web development companies to hire WordPress developers.

Identify Problems or Weak Areas of Your Site

Performing A/B tests help you to detect certain areas that you must improve on your site to increase conversion or sales rate. In certain cases, the most effective solution could be to redesign the area with the problems which could be:

  • Images in low quality (it can severely affect your online stores).
  • Call-to-action buttons that are not clear or that have contrast problems.
  • Contact page with necessary information.
  • Confusing navigation.

All the mentioned elements are common areas in the A/B tests. So not only will you detect which area is problematic. You can come up with a solution using the A/B tests and let the users decide.

It Allows You to Understand the Importance of Certain Design Decisions

When Performing A/B test you can recognize problem areas on your website.

Performing A/B tests allow you to recognize problem areas on your website and experiment with certain design options. You can see how those design decisions can affect other indicators of your site that are unrelated, such as those mentioned above.

If you want to analyze your site in-depth, you can start by reviewing the following components of your website:

  • Layout: Navigation menu, buttons, sidebars, footer, forms, etc.
  • Text: Titles, subtitles, descriptions, text on CTA buttons, etc.
  • Visual: Images, colors, videos, logos, etc.

When creating a website, you should not only take into account the visual identity of the brand but also the preferences of the users to whom the site is directed. Starting by reviewing the data you get about the performance of the site is a great way to detect problem areas and perform A/B tests to verify which option your users feel most identified with.

It Allows You to Generate Marketing Strategies for Your Site

Performing A/B tests allow you to generate marketing strategies for your site. By redesigning problem areas, you can reach a larger audience and extend their stay on your website. For this, you need to study and analyze the results of the A/B tests carried out.

This way, you can direct your energies in increasing the traffic and the conversion rate of your site – both crucial indicators that determine the success of a web page.

Another way to obtain information to improve your site is through comments from your visitors. You can open a suggestion box or ask them to participate in a survey. Also, it is a good idea to set targets as the percentage you want to increase your traffic after the A/B tests. This will allow you to stay focused on improving a single area of your site for each test you do.

In Conclusion

The A/B tests have many advantages if you perform them properly because they help you make certain design decisions where you may have doubts. In addition, it allows you to generate marketing strategies and optimize your site so that traffic increases, and users feel comfortable visiting each web page of your site. Performing A/B tests on your website offer many benefits to your site.

Remember that there are several considerations that you must take into account when performing tests. But one of the most important is to choose pages with a large amount of traffic for your tests. Ensure that you talk to the web development company to help you optimize your website during design.


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